‘Klopp out’ is dismissed while fans rage about the weekend’s cancelled football

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Jurgen Klopp watches on as Liverpool lose at Napoli. Credit: PA Images
Jurgen Klopp watches on as Liverpool lose at Napoli. Credit: PA Images

The narrative around Jurgen Klopp stumbles along, but mostly people want to talk about the silly decision to cancel the football.

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Klopp out? Are you losing your minds?
I’ve been a Liverpool fan for 35 years now, just old enough to remember the late 80s team but definitely old enough to remember it all falling apart and this looks nor feels anything like that. All this ‘5 trophies in 7 years’ nonsense… he took over an average side that took 2/3 years to make his own, reaching (albeit losing) finals during that time, in the next 4 years he’s won every trophy he could and been involved in title battles and finals losing marginally to great sides along the way.

Anyone calling for his sacking has surely been a ‘fan’ for a maximum of 7 years and is both greedy & entitled. I was asked earlier if I thought his trophy haul was good enough… my answer is yes & with the tight purse strings FSG hold & in comparison to the 4/5 years the big spending Chelsea & United have had who do you think should have won more trophies? The fact those 2 clubs have gone through the managers they have in that time tells it’s own story.

The squad needs investment but fsg have a plan & that plan involves pumping money into the structure of the club, the training ground & the stadium, without borrowing. Once they’ve secured the future of that side of the club they will then use the money & extra revenue to invest in the playing squad. We’d all love some shiny new toys in midfield but do we want the debt or for FSG to keep the club running within its means? Klopp out ffs… he’s the best manager we’ve had in 30 years + & who could you possibly replace him with? Even Fergie couldn’t produce every year!
Marcel G, LFC

I find myself writing to you with concern. The big shiny football team I support by watching matches on a screen and vicariously experience the ever fleeting winning feeling through is not winning any more. My house is cold and uncomfortable and my dog thinks I should eat less cheese.

There’s been enough navel gazing over Liverpool though so I’d like to pose a question for the mailbox, 2011-12 Nani and Valencia or 2009-10 Malouda and Kalou? I’d go for a team with Malouda in it, when he was in form it was mental.

I just miss Mané.


Remember Jose?
I’m sorry, but I have to take issue with Will Ford’s opening line: ‘Potter is perhaps Chelsea’s most exciting managerial appointment this century’.

As far as I’m aware, 2004 is in the current century. That year, a handsome, tanned Portuguese chap, with the glint of the devil in his eyes, rocked up at Stamford Bridge, having just won the Champions League with Porto, dumping my Manchester United out in the process, and promptly informed the press that he was a “special one” in his opening press conference.

I like Graham Potter, don’t have anything massively against Chelsea, but come on… Peak Jose. The guy was absolute box office.
Lewis, Busby Way


Luk who could come back
Can someone please explain why the media insists on saying that Chelsea have lost Lukaku. He’s on loan. He might be just the striker that GP could use next year. He’s not lost. We know exactly where he is.
Uvam Acerbam TO CA


Nice one
This Javier Tebas, I like the cut of his jib.


Fantasy Saturday
A fun fantasy Saturday sees Klopp play Bobbie Firmino in a midfield 3-5-2 dropping Mohammed and playing Jota alongside Luis Diaz causing Wolverhampton wandering s and resulting in a 1-3 victory.

Meanwhile, beautiful Brighton & Hove Albion have Billyboy nailing cherries in Dorset for another 0-1 away win .

One game week = another London derby , this time it’s Hammersmith at home to Fulham and the Cottagers continue their fabulous attack on top flight teams by downing the lions 3-2 despite local boy Sterling scoring twice while Cuckoo Reya is curiously benched throughout.

Back in the Harry ( Rednapp) day , Spurs used to edge out City for fourth place . That’s not the case this weekend as Conte’s Hotspurs wipe the floor with Man Citeh after a rather robust challenge sees the Norwegian transformer-bot carried off on a titanium stretcher , out for 7 weeks, while Richarlison, HarrySon & Sonson all score in a 2-3 away victory.

Midlands derby is postponed and BRoG & StevieG agree to share points .

Ivan Toney cements his Engurlund case with the perfect hat-trick on the south coast leaving rabbit hutch Ralph teetering on the edge .

Luckily Sunday is more entertaining as the goooners put six past the hapless Lumpard toffees in &around Islington hence keeping top spot and damaging England’s number 1 .

The Magpies and OurEddie are embarrassed by the claret & blue , going down 3-1 with five star – var abberations – Causing 365 , thankfully, from now on , to have a mailbox for footie and a mailbin for any lettter about video ref.,. shite .

Luckily, to alleviate the boer-dom, Glaziers against Glazers sees an earth shattering 5-6 away win to put the cherry on the cake of an underwhelming weekend of premier league soccer , X United player Wilf netting a hat-trick but outperformed by a ‘I’m better than Casemiro’ Scott bagging four headed goals alongside a brace for capitan bruno , pissing Patrick off .

There are other moments of interest but Salah being dropped gets the headlines.
Peter (simply cannot understand the decision to suspend sporting events but not others), Andalucia


The cancellations have not gone down well
A few years ago, football was offered up as some sort of panacea to unhappiness, depression and the general malaise caused by covid and the restrictions.

Now it has been postponed because some people are sad that a very old lady died. Surely, it would make these folk less sad if we went ahead with the games instead. Football makes everyone glad of heart.

Of course the truth is maybe only 10 or 20% actually engage with or genuinely care about football. Most people simply shrugged when football came back as it made not a jot of difference to their life.

And so onto the Queen. Of course family members and friends will be devasted at the loss of their mum, grandma, auntie, and pal. Some people will surely lament the passing of an era. And there will of course be an outpouring of grief from that strange group who believe they have some sort of mystical bond with the Queen (see also other royals and any celebrities), forged undoubtedly by St. George and Winston Churchill at Stonehenge or in the playing fields of Eton. And there are those who are unnerved about seeing Charles plastered all over the money and the stamps- even though they never actually use cash or letters.

They are, to a man, or woman, entitled to their grief. I wouldn’t expect William to rock up at the King Power this weekend giving it all ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’ (take your pick who he would be directing this at) as it would be unseemly and he has some genuine mourning to crack on with. Nobody is forcing anyone to go to football or watch football or engage with it in any way.

The reality is that many people will simply shrug and carry on not paying much attention to the Windsors.

But those who count themselves in that 20% of the population who like football will lose out as will those who are sad. Remember we have already established that football is cure for all ills.

So to conclude it is wrong to postpone football this weekend on every conceivable level.

Apart from those people who claim it is a respect thing. But do not clarify who is been disrespected nor why kicking a ball round is disrespectful. I have no answer to these people. And nor sadly does anyone. Even you.
Rich Green, Singapore (one of the 20%, soft republican(obviously) )


…Hi Ed, read the mailbox Friday afternoon and only one mention of the weekend football fixtures being cancelled. Football fixtures cancelled whilst rugby, golf, cricket, ice hockey, cinemas, theatres, pubs, restaurants etc etc continue as normal. Normalish anyway. Rugby will come together to pay respect as a family apparently. Minutes silence, reverential crowd singing. You know the stuff.

So why isn’t football doing the same? Why have the respective FAs in the UK decided that’s not our thing too? Why have they decided that grass roots football from The Crown vs The Kings Head to my sons’ U12 game been cancelled? Plenty of football journalists have been clear that this is not due to policing issues at the pro level, so it is considered safe for fixtures to continue. I just don’t get this. The vast, vast majority of twitter comments are opposed to this course of (in)action.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that there are fears about the level of respect that would be offered at some venues in the UK. OK. Fine. I’d be silent myself, appreciate that some would want to express their views. Can’t think that the fear the FA’s have over bad PR would cause the shut down of the biggest leisure activity from infant through professional to walking football, plus the numerous businesses that depend on these. All in the name of ‘respect’.
Roscoe P Coltrane


…The problem here is that the Premier League set a ridiculous precedent by cancelling games when Diana died.

To not cancel games now makes it look like she was more important than the Queen.

They really had no choice.
Andy M (CFC NZ)

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