Get To Know Alex Dourassof, 'Surviving Paradise's Gay Contestant

Alex Dourassof from Surviving Paradise
Alex Dourassof from Surviving Paradise

From France to Miami!

Surviving Paradise | Official Trailer | Netflix

A self-described “French boy in Miami,” Alex Dourassof was one of the contestants on Netflix’s latest reality competition series, Surviving Paradise. The show tricked 12 cast members into thinking they were about to have a great summer in a stunning villa. However, these contestants were quickly banished to live in the wilderness outside of that villa.

Surviving Paradise is very much a reality competition show about “haves” versus “have-nots.” For LGBTQ+ viewers, nonbinary player Tabitha Sloane and gay contestant Alex Dourassof definitely stood out in the cast. “I want to be on top. I want to go back to the villa,” Dourassof claimed in the series. He also professed his love for tanning and going out, which was definitely not the tea on Surviving Paradise.

Now that the show is over, though, Dourassof is back on social media sharing plenty of content that the gays will enjoy looking at!

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