In The Know Honors: Ja’Mal Green

Justin Chan
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Ja'Mal Green
Ja'Mal Green

Activist and former mayoral candidate
Age: 25
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

On Nov. 26, 2018, Ja’Mal Green, a civil rights advocate, made history as the youngest mayoral candidate in Chicago when he met the 12,500-signature threshold to enter the race. Prior to that, Green, who grew up on the South Side, had fought to hold local police accountable, helping to organize protests following video release of Laquan McDonald’s shooting. Though the 25-year-old ultimately dropped out of the mayoral race due to a lack of funds, he remains active in his community — he recently revealed that he was in the process of building the first 24-hour community center in Chicago.

Instagram: @jaymalgreen
Twitter: @JaymalGreen

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