What You Should Know If You Leave Something Behind At Costco

Person pushing Costco shopping cart
Person pushing Costco shopping cart - Macky Albor/Shutterstock

Shopping at Costco is a unique experience. While members adore its wide variety of products and low prices, it goes without saying that shopping there can be a bit overwhelming. The vastness of Costco warehouses alone can intimidate even the most seasoned shopper. If you've ever made the mistake of shopping at Costco on a busy Sunday morning or the day before a big holiday, you know how easy it is to forget something on your shopping list as you focus on trying to get through the sea of shoppers in every aisle.

Between the crowds, long checkout lines, and the busy parking lot, many people have driven away without realizing they have left behind an item or two on the conveyor belt or in the bottom of their cart. At most retailers, you likely will never see those purchased items again. But Costco isn't like most other grocery stores. Satisfied Costco members have taken to Reddit to share stories of how easy it was to receive the goods they had left behind, sometimes months after losing it.

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These Customers Are Singing Costco's Praises For Its Left In Lot Policy

Various items in a Costco cart
Various items in a Costco cart - Tada Images/Shutterstock

If you need convincing that a Costco membership is worth the cost, these Reddit users might persuade you to finally join. Apparently, Costco keeps an inventory of products that are "lost in lot." After collecting the items from carts and reporting them as missing, employees can look up what has been left behind when a member comes in to retrieve it. One shopper wrote on Reddit that they were able to retrieve their left behind items after they "accidentally left $70 worth of items at the bottom of the cart." Another shopper left expensive medicine in the seat of their shopping cart without realizing and easily retrieved it the next day by showing their proof of purchase. The happy Reddit user wrote, "I love that they do this. A lot of stores would just not go to the trouble."

Users in the comments on the multiple Reddit threads confirmed that forgetting merchandise happens much more often than you might think. So next time you forget to load that pack of water bottles or toilet paper into the car, rest easy knowing that Costco will hold onto it for you until your next trip -- just be sure you don't forget where you put your receipt.

These Costco Policies And Perks Keep Members Coming Back

Costco membership cards
Costco membership cards - Sadi-Santos/Shutterstock

While the "left in lot" policy may come as a surprise to some, Costco is well known for other policies, including its iconic returns policy. According to the Costco website, the company offers a "Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee" on both merchandise and membership. Costco will accept practically any item and issue a full refund with no questions asked. Members often return partially used items, merchandise purchased years ago, and even expired or mostly-eaten foods. One employee shared on Reddit, "I saw someone return milk because they didn't have time to drink it all before the expiration date." You can even return opened alcohol to some Costcos, depending on your state's liquor laws.

Not only does Costco treat its members well, but the company also extends that same kindness to employees. The bulk retailer has earned a reputation for being a great place to work; it maintains a practically unheard-of 94% employee retention rate, according to Knowledge Matters. In fact, many users on one Reddit thread agreed that management treats employees very well but are then, in turn, treated horribly by shoppers. Next time you stop by Costco to enjoy all the benefits and kind gestures the warehouse offers, consider extending that same kindness and patience to employees.

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