Koeman grateful for support after leaving hospital


Ronald Koeman has left hospital after undergoing heart surgery last Sunday.

The Netherlands head coach was admitted for treatment on a blocked coronary artery.

The 57-year-old was discharged on Thursday and he issued a message of thanks to those who treated him and sent him support.

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"That was a bit of a shock, last weekend," he wrote in a message tweeted by the Netherlands national team account.

"For myself, of course, but especially for my family, and for my friends.

"Fortunately, the doctors helped me quickly and wonderfully, for which I am very grateful. You get very humble from an event like this.

"It was fantastic for me to see how many people were moved. And how many sweet messages I received. From acquaintances from the football world, from clubs.

"But also from completely unknown people. That has done me a lot of good and I would like to thank everyone for that!"

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