Kristen Stewart turns Seth Meyers into a ‘lesbian icon’ while day drinking

Lloyd Bishop/NBC/Getty Images

Seth Meyers and Kristen Stewart had a blast in a “Day Drinking” segment in New York.

The two imbibed at Boxers NYC, where Stewart was put through a series of acting exercises with ridiculous lines like, “Your father, he’s had a fart attack.”

Meyers and Stewart kicked the day off with a cocktails inspired by her films. The first, called the Panic Room, contained a mix of energy drinks, including Mountain Dew. When Stewart drooled after sipping it, Meyers joked, “Your body rejected it.”

There was also a “Twilight”-themed drink Meyers stirred with a wooden stake. He admitted that he hadn’t seen any of the movies in the Stewart-led franchise and asked her not to ruin it for him.

An “Ask Me Anything” conversation had Meyers admitting he once didn’t make it to the bathroom in time after a pandemic run. Stewart was fearless and answered all the questions.

Describing Stewart as a “lesbian icon,” Meyers asked her for a makeover. Stewart dressed the late-night host in chic glasses, a wool cap and a denim jacket.

“Dude! You look cool. Do you not feel cooler than you’ve ever felt?” Stewart asked Meyers as he emerged in the outfit.

“I feel as though I’ve reverted to what I’m supposed to be,” Meyers replied. “Thank you.”

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