KSI backtracks after saying Logan Paul was 'going to f—ing die' in fight

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KSI received criticism for the language he used during Thursday's press conference leading up his fight against Logan Paul on Saturday.

At one point, late in the media session, KSI said Paul was "going to f—ing die" in the ring. Paul was stunned by that comment responding loudly, "Death?"

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn seemed visibly upset by the comment. He immediately told the YouTube stars to "keep it civil."

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Warning: Video contains explicit language.

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Hearn admitted afterward to Boxing Social that the language KSI used doesn't have a place in boxing.

"They don't know enough boxing, they don't respect the game enough to think about what they're saying," Hearn said. "I mean fighters say stuff like that all the time, [but] no one really means it. But I didn't like it when that was said multiple times. I've heard it this week, last week, the week before. And I don't think they know enough about the game to know that they shouldn't be saying that."

KSI listened to the complaints and issued a statement on the matter Friday.

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While KSI was clearly being tongue-in-cheek with his comment, there's a reason why Hearn wasn't pleased with that langauge being used. Over the past year, boxing has seen the deaths of Maxim Dadashev, Hugo Santillan and Patrick Day, so even the slightest suggestion that there's intent to kill is in poor taste.

Paul made similar comments during the second press conference leading up the rematch.

"I might kill this man," Paul said repeatedly.

Paul and KSI are set to fight Nov. 9.

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