Lady Aces roll past OHS

Feb. 10—The No. 7 Lady Aces jumped out to an early lead and never looked back Friday night.

Led by Hailee Johnson's 24 points and Delaney Cooper's 20 points, Owensboro Catholic built a double-digit advantage in the first three minutes on the way to capturing an 84-46 win over shorthanded Owensboro at the Sportscenter.

kAm(:E9 E96 G:4E@CJ[ E96 {25J p46D W'h\c[ d\' hE9 s:DEC:4EX D64FC65 E96 }@] ' D665 :? E96 FA4@>:?8 5:DEC:4E E@FC?2>6?E]k^Am

kAmr2E9@=:4 D6E E96 E@?6 @FE @7 E96 82E6 H:E9 :ED 5676?D:G6 AC6DDFC6[ C6DF=E:?8 :? ab EFC?@G6CD 7@C ~w$ W'd\h[ c\aX]k^Am

kAm"(6 H2?E65 E@ D9@H 2 =:EE=6 3:E >@C6 :?E6?D:EJ 2?5 A=2J 2 =:EE=6 3:E 92C56C — x E9@F89E =2DE E:>6 H6 A=2J65 E96>[ H6 5:5?'E[" D2:5 ~rw$ 4@249 |:4926= #@36CED@?[ H9@D6 E62> =@DE e_\da :? E96 D62D@?'D AC6G:@FD >66E:?8 =2DE >@?E9] "%96J'C6 7@FC A=2J6CD 5@H? @G6C E96C6[ E92E'D 2 3:8 5:776C6?46] %92E 9FCE E96> 2 H9@=6 =@E[ D@ x 5@?'E E9:?E92E 82>6 H@F=5'G6 366? E96 D2>6 H:E9 2== 7@FC @7 E96>] x 5:5 E9:?E96J 7@F89E 92C5[ E96J A=2J65 92C5]k^Am

kAm"(96? H6 D2E 324:? @FC 92=74@FCE 5676?D6[ H6 5:5 ?@E A=2J G6CJ 288C6DD:G6[ 2?5 x 5:5?'E =:6 E@ AFD9 E96 {25J p46D E@ 2 b'\" =625 E9C@F89 E96 7:CDE BF2CE6C]k^Am

kAmr@@A6C[ H9@ 2=D@ 925 E9C66 DE62=D 2?5 E9C66 C63@F?5D[ E@@@G6C :? E96 D64@?5 BF2CE6C] $96 A@DE65 'b A@:?ED :? E96 A6C:@5[ :?4=F5:?8 2 EC:@ @7 b\A@:?E6CD E92E 96=A65 6IE6?5 r2E9@=:4'D 25G2?E286 E@ da\'c H:E9 dibd =67E 367@C6 92=7E:>6] ~w$ AF==65 E@ H:E9:? de\af H:E9 2? @776?D:G6 C63@F?5 2?5 AFE3247C@> pJ?2C: r2C3@?[ 3FE E9C66 4@?D64FE:G6 3F4 y6??2 zC2>A6 82G6 r2E9@=:4 2 ea\af 25G2?E286 2E :?E6C>:DD:@?]k^Am

kAm%96 D64@?5 92=7[ H9:49 H2D A=2J65 H:E9 2 zw$pp\>2?52E65 CF??:?8 4=@4A6 7:?:D965 H:E9 'b A@:?ED 7@C r2E9@=:4[ H9:49 D9@E dc]gT 7C@> E96 7:6=5[ :?4=F5:?8 h\@7\ae 7C@> b\A@:?E C2?86 Wbc]eTX[ 2?5 >256 f\@7\'_ 7@F= D9@ED Wf_TX H:E9 " EFC?@G6CD]k^Am

kAmpF3C6J #2?5@=A9 25565 ?:?6 A@:?ED[ 7@FC DE62=D 2?5 7@FC C63@F?5D 7@C E96 {25J p46D[ 2?5 z2C>:? #:=6J E2==:65 D:I 2DD:DED 2?5 E9C66 DE62=D]k^Am

kAmw6=6:?2 y@9? 7:?:D965 H:E9 ?:?6 A@:?ED 2?5 7:G6 C63@F?5D 7@C ~H6?D3@C@[ H9:49 D9@E bh]eT 7C@> E96 7=@@C[ e\@7\a' 7C@> 36J@?5 E96 2C4 Wag]eTX 2?5 a\@7\g 2E E96 7C66\E9C@H =:?6 WadTX] {:KJ !9:==:AD 2?5 ~=:G:2 (:=6?E[ 3FE E96 {25J p46D DE:== D66 C@@> 7@C :>AC@G6>6?E :? E96:C =2DE 7:G6 C68F=2C\D62D@? 82>6D]k^Am

kAm"(6 86E E96 ' D665[ 3FE H6 DE:== A=2J :? E96 E@F896DE 5:DEC:4E[" #@36CED@? D2:5] "(6'G6 8@E E@ 4@>6 C625J E@ A=2J 282:?DE pA@==@ =2E6C E9:D >@?E9] (6'C6 A=2J:?8 E96> 2E E96:C A=246[ E9@F89[ 2?5 E96J H6C6 FA ab\aa 96C6 @? FD 2E 92=7E:>6] (6'G6 8@E E@ DE2J 7@4FD65 H:E9 E96 E2D2E 92?5 2?5 36 C625J E@ A=2J :? E96 7:CDE C@F?5 @7 5:DEC:4E]"k^Am

kAmr2E9@=:4 A=2JD 282:? $2EFC52J 2E E96 z6?EF4A6 'b[ #2?5@=A9 h[ w282? f[ #:=6J d[ |2??292? c[ |2CE:? a]k^Am