Larian's saying goodbye to Baldur's Gate 3 by giving us some 'really evil' endings

 The Dark Urge being tempted to do evil.
The Dark Urge being tempted to do evil.

Baldur's Gate 3 is one of the few RPGs rich in evil options where I actually stuck to mostly heroic deeds in my first playthrough. But I'm doing my total scumbag run at the moment, which means the news that Larian's working on some more evil endings is music to my ears.

Chatting to IGN, CEO Swen Vincke teased some of what the studio's got planned for us before it bids farewell to the Forgotten Realms for good—specifically, more campaign conclusions for evil-inclined adventurers.

"So they're working on the evil endings right now," Vincke said. "I've seen some of them. They're really evil. So the evil players will be satisfied with that."

You can already screw everyone over and herald in a dark age through your actions in Baldur's Gate 3's final moments. And you can spend most of the game indulging in your character's worst impulses—especially if you're playing as the Dark Urge and pay too much attention to the voice in your noggin. But you can never have too much of a bad thing!

These new endings, as well as the planned mod support, are welcome additions but a touch bittersweet, considering that Larian's going to be moving on to new things. While Vincke previously entertained the idea of DLC, at GDC he announced that it was time to work on something different. "We are a company of big ideas," he said. "We are not a company that's made to create DLCs or expansions."

Nobody could accuse Larian of not supporting the RPG, though. Since it launched in August it has been refined and expanded by the team many times over, and it was already a truly gargantuan game that could never be fully explored in just a single playthrough. And with mod support coming, the community will be able to keep it alive long after Larian has left it behind.

In the meantime, it sounds like a good time to consider rolling a horrible bastard.