Latest trailer for 'NBA 2K20' features Kawhi Leonard dunking on Raptors

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The release of "NBA 2K20" is just around the corner, and fans are champing at the bit for any and all content.

On Thursday, 2K Sports shared a trailer showcasing some gameplay just over a month in advance of the game's release.

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The trailer features several players on their new teams, including Anthony Davis with the Lakers and Russell Westbrook with the Rockets.

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While fans were excited for the new trailer, some took to Twitter to point out a peculiar highlight featuring Kawhi Leonard.

In the shot, Leonard is seen dunking over former teammate Norman Powell. Leonard spurned the Raptors in favor of the Clippers during free agency this summer.

Toronto fans were also quick to point out the lack of Raptors players featured in the trailer.

Whether it was intentional or not on 2K's part, it goes to show there's never a dull moment when it comes to NBA Twitter.

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