Laverne Cox reveals ‘dream’ to be in superhero movie

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Laverne Cox has revealed her ambition to be an action star and said it is a “dream” to be in a superhero movie.

The actress, who shot to fame as inmate Sophia in Netflix prison drama Orange Is The New Black and recently starred in Oscar-winning Promising Young Woman opposite Carey Mulligan, makes her first foray into the action genre in the thriller Jolt, starring opposite Kate Beckinsale and Bobby Cannavale as a police officer investigating a murder.

She told the PA news agency: “I love that Angela (her character in the film) is this no-nonsense chick who’s actually very serious about the rules and very serious about her job.

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“And the foul-mouth persona is really to let her cop buddies understand that she’s not to be messed with and I just thought it was so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do an action movie.

“And I’ve never done anything like it before, and I’ve always wanted to do it. Hopefully, I’ll get to do more.”

She continued: “I think people just needed to see me do it, and hopefully folks will see it and be like ‘OK I want to see more of this’.

“I’ve loved action movies my whole life. I’m a James Bond aficionado, I’m just obsessed.

“I love the Mission Impossible series. And I just got into Avengers with my boyfriend.

“We just watched all the Avengers movies and there’s a whole universe over there, it is kind of exciting and amazing.”

Asked if she could see herself in a superhero film, Cox said: “That is a dream, and that is something I am manifesting.

“And so if it is for me, it will be and if it’s not then yeah … but we’ll see.”

Jolt is released on Amazon Prime Video on July 23.