Le Creuset Is Having Its FIRST Factory Sale of '24—And You Need a Ticket to Shop

Le Creuset Is Having Its FIRST Factory Sale of '24—And You Need a Ticket to Shop

If you wanted the prestige of purchasing and owning the 157-piece Le Creuset set from Costco but missed your chance (or simply don't have the room), you're in for another shot to bask in the Le Creuset glory, especially if you live in Texas. The first Le Creuset

Factory-to-Table event of 2024 is happening in San Antonio in March, and tickets are on sale now for both general and VIP entry. The four-day shopping extravaganza is a can't-miss event for every food lover out there, from everyday home cooks to professional chefs.

From Thursday, March 21, to Sunday, March 24, ticket holders will get "exclusive access to a vast selection of Le Creuset's premium cookware, including limited-edition colors and rare shapes and styles at discounts not typically found in U.S. stores or online," according to the company's press release. A general admission ticket will set you back only $10, but if you're simply not a GA type of Le Creuset fan and need something more, not to worry: For $25, you can get a VIP shopping session ticket for Thursday. It gives you first access to the sale for 90 minutes and "the opportunity to purchase a coveted Le Creuset mystery box" for only $50. The mystery boxes—highly coveted by Le Creuset super fans—hold a "minimum $350 retail value worth of Le Creuset products," and there's a limit to only one mystery box per ticket holder. The general admissions tickets will allow access starting on Friday at 10 a.m.

Le Creuset typically holds three of these sales events each year in cities across the U.S., including Philadelphia and Minneapolis in 2023. The company says it will have items "up to 60% off our regular retail price" and "robust discounts off 30-60% off every day retail prices." If you're in the hospitality industry or a member of the military, you'll get exclusive discounts throughout the event. Past deals have included the French brand's iconic Dutch ovens for up to 50 percent off. Rare items like colors not typically found in the U.S. and Harry Potter pieces can be found too, according to a Reddit thread devoted to the sale.

No matter which ticket type you purchase, a portion of the sale will go toward Meals on Wheels America to support and protect seniors from food insecurity. So, what are you waiting for? Don't waste any more time and give yourself a one-up on the Le Creuset game!

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