League One - Evans refused appeal against rape conviction

Striker Ched Evans has lost the right to appeal against the rape conviction that saw him imprisoned for five years.

League One - £50,000 reward offered to acquit rapist footballer Ched Evans

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Ched Evans

Evans, 23, was found guilty in April of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel room in Rhyl.

He was attempting to appeal against his conviction as well as to have his sentence cut.

However, the Court of Appeal in London refused his challenge.

Lord Judge said: "We can see no possible basis which would justify us interfering with the verdict of the jury, which heard all the evidence and reflected on it after careful summing up by the judge."

Meanwhile, nine people have pleaded guilty to naming Evans's victim on Twitter and Facebook.

They were each ordered to pay £624 in damages to the woman.

A 10th person denied the charge and was granted bail until January 21.

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