League Two fixtures for 2021-22 season in full: Complete match schedule with dates revealed

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We may be in the depths of summer but the new EFL season will be underway before we know it and the fixtures have been revealed ahead of the start of the 2021-22 League Two campaign.

All eyes will be on Sutton United as they start their first ever campaign in the Football League following their promotion as National League champions, with Hartlepool United the other newcomers, having secured an EFL return only last weekend via the play-offs.

At the other end of the scale, Northampton Town, Bristol Rovers, Swindon Town and Rochdale will be desperate to secure immediate returns to League One after dropping out of the third tier last season.

Here’s the full League Two fixture list for the 2021-22 season...

07/08/202115:00Carlisle United v Colchester United

07/08/202115:00Exeter City v Bradford City

07/08/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Sutton United

07/08/202115:00Harrogate Town v Rochdale

07/08/202115:00Hartlepool United v Crawley Town

07/08/202115:00Mansfield Town v Bristol Rovers

07/08/202115:00Northampton Town v Port Vale

07/08/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Newport County

07/08/202115:00Salford City v Leyton Orient

07/08/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Swindon Town

07/08/202115:00Stevenage v Barrow

07/08/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Walsall

14/08/202115:00Barrow v Hartlepool United

14/08/202115:00Bradford City v Oldham Athletic

14/08/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Stevenage

14/08/202115:00Colchester United v Northampton Town

14/08/202115:00Crawley Town v Harrogate Town

14/08/202115:00Leyton Orient v Exeter City

14/08/202115:00Newport County v Mansfield Town

14/08/202115:00Port Vale v Tranmere Rovers

14/08/202115:00Rochdale v Scunthorpe United

14/08/202115:00Sutton United v Salford City

14/08/202115:00Swindon Town v Carlisle United

14/08/202115:00Walsall v Forest Green Rovers

17/08/202119:45Barrow v Exeter City

17/08/202119:45Bradford City v Stevenage

17/08/202119:45Bristol Rovers v Oldham Athletic

17/08/202119:45Colchester United v Mansfield Town

17/08/202119:45Crawley Town v Salford City

17/08/202119:45Leyton Orient v Harrogate Town

17/08/202119:45Newport County v Northampton Town

17/08/202119:45Port Vale v Carlisle United

17/08/202119:45Rochdale v Forest Green Rovers

17/08/202119:45Sutton United v Hartlepool United

17/08/202119:45Swindon Town v Tranmere Rovers

17/08/202119:45Walsall v Scunthorpe United

21/08/202115:00Carlisle United v Leyton Orient

21/08/202115:00Exeter City v Bristol Rovers

21/08/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Crawley Town

21/08/202115:00Harrogate Town v Barrow

21/08/202115:00Hartlepool United v Walsall

21/08/202115:00Mansfield Town v Bradford City

21/08/202115:00Northampton Town v Rochdale

21/08/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Colchester United

21/08/202115:00Salford City v Swindon Town

21/08/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Sutton United

21/08/202115:00Stevenage v Port Vale

21/08/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Newport County

28/08/202115:00Barrow v Bristol Rovers

28/08/202115:00Crawley Town v Northampton Town

28/08/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Port Vale

28/08/202115:00Harrogate Town v Exeter City

28/08/202115:00Hartlepool United v Carlisle United

28/08/202115:00Leyton Orient v Bradford City

28/08/202115:00Rochdale v Colchester United

28/08/202115:00Salford City v Newport County

28/08/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Tranmere Rovers

28/08/202115:00Sutton United v Oldham Athletic

28/08/202115:00Swindon Town v Mansfield Town

28/08/202115:00Walsall v Stevenage

04/09/202115:00Bradford City v Walsall

04/09/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Crawley Town

04/09/202115:00Carlisle United v Salford City

04/09/202115:00Colchester United v Sutton United

04/09/202115:00Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers

04/09/202115:00Mansfield Town v Harrogate Town

04/09/202115:00Newport County v Leyton Orient

04/09/202115:00Northampton Town v Scunthorpe United

04/09/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Barrow

04/09/202115:00Port Vale v Rochdale

04/09/202115:00Stevenage v Swindon Town

04/09/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Hartlepool United

11/09/202115:00Barrow v Colchester United

11/09/202115:00Crawley Town v Carlisle United

11/09/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Northampton Town

11/09/202115:00Harrogate Town v Newport County

11/09/202115:00Hartlepool United v Bristol Rovers

11/09/202115:00Leyton Orient v Oldham Athletic

11/09/202115:00Rochdale v Tranmere Rovers

11/09/202115:00Salford City v Bradford City

11/09/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Exeter City

11/09/202115:00Sutton United v Stevenage

11/09/202115:00Swindon Town v Port Vale

11/09/202115:00Walsall v Mansfield Town

18/09/202115:00Bradford City v Barrow

18/09/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Leyton Orient

18/09/202115:00Carlisle United v Scunthorpe United

18/09/202115:00Colchester United v Crawley Town

18/09/202115:00Exeter City v Sutton United

18/09/202115:00Mansfield Town v Rochdale

18/09/202115:00Newport County v Walsall

18/09/202115:00Northampton Town v Swindon Town

18/09/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Hartlepool United

18/09/202115:00Port Vale v Harrogate Town

18/09/202115:00Stevenage v Forest Green Rovers

18/09/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Salford City

25/09/202115:00Barrow v Newport County

25/09/202115:00Crawley Town v Bradford City

25/09/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Tranmere Rovers

25/09/202115:00Harrogate Town v Stevenage

25/09/202115:00Hartlepool United v Exeter City

25/09/202115:00Leyton Orient v Mansfield Town

25/09/202115:00Rochdale v Oldham Athletic

25/09/202115:00Salford City v Northampton Town

25/09/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Port Vale

25/09/202115:00Sutton United v Carlisle United

25/09/202115:00Swindon Town v Colchester United

25/09/202115:00Walsall v Bristol Rovers

02/10/202115:00Bradford City v Rochdale

02/10/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Swindon Town

02/10/202115:00Carlisle United v Forest Green Rovers

02/10/202115:00Colchester United v Salford City

02/10/202115:00Exeter City v Walsall

02/10/202115:00Mansfield Town v Barrow

02/10/202115:00Newport County v Scunthorpe United

02/10/202115:00Northampton Town v Sutton United

02/10/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Harrogate Town

02/10/202115:00Port Vale v Leyton Orient

02/10/202115:00Stevenage v Hartlepool United

02/10/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Crawley Town

09/10/202115:00Barrow v Leyton Orient

09/10/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Carlisle United

09/10/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Swindon Town

09/10/202115:00Harrogate Town v Scunthorpe United

09/10/202115:00Hartlepool United v Northampton Town

09/10/202115:00Mansfield Town v Oldham Athletic

09/10/202115:00Newport County v Bradford City

09/10/202115:00Rochdale v Crawley Town

09/10/202115:00Stevenage v Exeter City

09/10/202115:00Sutton United v Port Vale

09/10/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Colchester United

09/10/202115:00Walsall v Salford City

16/10/202115:00Bradford City v Bristol Rovers

16/10/202115:00Carlisle United v Tranmere Rovers

16/10/202115:00Colchester United v Harrogate Town

16/10/202115:00Crawley Town v Sutton United

16/10/202115:00Exeter City v Newport County

16/10/202115:00Leyton Orient v Walsall

16/10/202115:00Northampton Town v Mansfield Town

16/10/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Stevenage

16/10/202115:00Port Vale v Barrow

16/10/202115:00Salford City v Hartlepool United

16/10/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Forest Green Rovers

16/10/202115:00Swindon Town v Rochdale

19/10/202119:45Barrow v Scunthorpe United

19/10/202119:45Bradford City v Hartlepool United

19/10/202119:45Colchester United v Bristol Rovers

19/10/202119:45Crawley Town v Exeter City

19/10/202119:45Harrogate Town v Tranmere Rovers

19/10/202119:45Leyton Orient v Forest Green Rovers

19/10/202119:45Mansfield Town v Port Vale

19/10/202119:45Newport County v Carlisle United

19/10/202119:45Northampton Town v Stevenage

19/10/202119:45Oldham Athletic v Walsall

19/10/202119:45Salford City v Rochdale

19/10/202119:45Sutton United v Swindon Town

23/10/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Newport County

23/10/202115:00Carlisle United v Oldham Athletic

23/10/202115:00Exeter City v Mansfield Town

23/10/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Salford City

23/10/202115:00Hartlepool United v Harrogate Town

23/10/202115:00Port Vale v Colchester United

23/10/202115:00Rochdale v Sutton United

23/10/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Crawley Town

23/10/202115:00Stevenage v Leyton Orient

23/10/202115:00Swindon Town v Bradford City

23/10/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Northampton Town

23/10/202115:00Walsall v Barrow

30/10/202115:00Barrow v Rochdale

30/10/202115:00Bradford City v Forest Green Rovers

30/10/202115:00Colchester United v Scunthorpe United

30/10/202115:00Crawley Town v Port Vale

30/10/202115:00Harrogate Town v Bristol Rovers

30/10/202115:00Leyton Orient v Hartlepool United

30/10/202115:00Mansfield Town v Tranmere Rovers

30/10/202115:00Newport County v Stevenage

30/10/202115:00Northampton Town v Carlisle United

30/10/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Swindon Town

30/10/202115:00Salford City v Exeter City

30/10/202115:00Sutton United v Walsall

13/11/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Northampton Town

13/11/202115:00Carlisle United v Barrow

13/11/202115:00Exeter City v Oldham Athletic

13/11/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Colchester United

13/11/202115:00Hartlepool United v Newport County

13/11/202115:00Port Vale v Bradford City

13/11/202115:00Rochdale v Leyton Orient

13/11/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Salford City

13/11/202115:00Stevenage v Mansfield Town

13/11/202115:00Swindon Town v Crawley Town

13/11/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Sutton United

13/11/202115:00Walsall v Harrogate Town

20/11/202115:00Barrow v Crawley Town

20/11/202115:00Bradford City v Northampton Town

20/11/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Tranmere Rovers

20/11/202115:00Exeter City v Carlisle United

20/11/202115:00Harrogate Town v Salford City

20/11/202115:00Hartlepool United v Forest Green Rovers

20/11/202115:00Leyton Orient v Sutton United

20/11/202115:00Mansfield Town v Scunthorpe United

20/11/202115:00Newport County v Swindon Town

20/11/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Port Vale

20/11/202115:00Stevenage v Colchester United

20/11/202115:00Walsall v Rochdale

23/11/202119:45Carlisle United v Harrogate Town

23/11/202119:45Colchester United v Exeter City

23/11/202119:45Crawley Town v Newport County

23/11/202119:45Forest Green Rovers v Barrow

23/11/202119:45Northampton Town v Oldham Athletic

23/11/202119:45Port Vale v Walsall

23/11/202119:45Rochdale v Stevenage

23/11/202119:45Salford City v Bristol Rovers

23/11/202119:45Scunthorpe United v Leyton Orient

23/11/202119:45Sutton United v Mansfield Town

23/11/202119:45Swindon Town v Hartlepool United

23/11/202119:45Tranmere Rovers v Bradford City

27/11/202115:00Carlisle United v Walsall

27/11/202115:00Colchester United v Newport County

27/11/202115:00Crawley Town v Mansfield Town

27/11/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Bristol Rovers

27/11/202115:00Northampton Town v Leyton Orient

27/11/202115:00Port Vale v Hartlepool United

27/11/202115:00Rochdale v Exeter City

27/11/202115:00Salford City v Oldham Athletic

27/11/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Bradford City

27/11/202115:00Sutton United v Barrow

27/11/202115:00Swindon Town v Harrogate Town

27/11/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Stevenage

07/12/202119:45Barrow v Salford City

07/12/202119:45Bradford City v Colchester United

07/12/202119:45Bristol Rovers v Port Vale

07/12/202119:45Exeter City v Northampton Town

07/12/202119:45Harrogate Town v Forest Green Rovers

07/12/202119:45Hartlepool United v Rochdale

07/12/202119:45Leyton Orient v Swindon Town

07/12/202119:45Mansfield Town v Carlisle United

07/12/202119:45Newport County v Sutton United

07/12/202119:45Oldham Athletic v Tranmere Rovers

07/12/202119:45Stevenage v Scunthorpe United

07/12/202119:45Walsall v Crawley Town

11/12/202115:00Barrow v Swindon Town

11/12/202115:00Bradford City v Sutton United

11/12/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Rochdale

11/12/202115:00Exeter City v Tranmere Rovers

11/12/202115:00Harrogate Town v Northampton Town

11/12/202115:00Hartlepool United v Scunthorpe United

11/12/202115:00Leyton Orient v Crawley Town

11/12/202115:00Mansfield Town v Salford City

11/12/202115:00Newport County v Port Vale

11/12/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Forest Green Rovers

11/12/202115:00Stevenage v Carlisle United

11/12/202115:00Walsall v Colchester United

18/12/202115:00Carlisle United v Bradford City

18/12/202115:00Colchester United v Hartlepool United

18/12/202115:00Crawley Town v Oldham Athletic

18/12/202115:00Forest Green Rovers v Mansfield Town

18/12/202115:00Northampton Town v Barrow

18/12/202115:00Port Vale v Exeter City

18/12/202115:00Rochdale v Newport County

18/12/202115:00Salford City v Stevenage

18/12/202115:00Scunthorpe United v Bristol Rovers

18/12/202115:00Sutton United v Harrogate Town

18/12/202115:00Swindon Town v Walsall

18/12/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Leyton Orient

26/12/202115:00Bradford City v Harrogate Town

26/12/202115:00Bristol Rovers v Sutton United

26/12/202115:00Carlisle United v Rochdale

26/12/202115:00Colchester United v Leyton Orient

26/12/202115:00Exeter City v Swindon Town

26/12/202115:00Mansfield Town v Hartlepool United

26/12/202115:00Newport County v Forest Green Rovers

26/12/202115:00Northampton Town v Walsall

26/12/202115:00Oldham Athletic v Scunthorpe United

26/12/202115:00Port Vale v Salford City

26/12/202115:00Stevenage v Crawley Town

26/12/202115:00Tranmere Rovers v Barrow

29/12/202119:45Barrow v Oldham Athletic

29/12/202119:45Crawley Town v Bristol Rovers

29/12/202119:45Forest Green Rovers v Exeter City

29/12/202119:45Harrogate Town v Mansfield Town

29/12/202119:45Hartlepool United v Tranmere Rovers

29/12/202119:45Leyton Orient v Newport County

29/12/202119:45Rochdale v Port Vale

29/12/202119:45Salford City v Carlisle United

29/12/202119:45Scunthorpe United v Northampton Town

29/12/202119:45Sutton United v Colchester United

29/12/202119:45Swindon Town v Stevenage

29/12/202119:45Walsall v Bradford City

01/01/202215:00Barrow v Bradford City

01/01/202215:00Crawley Town v Colchester United

01/01/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Stevenage

01/01/202215:00Harrogate Town v Port Vale

01/01/202215:00Hartlepool United v Oldham Athletic

01/01/202215:00Leyton Orient v Bristol Rovers

01/01/202215:00Rochdale v Mansfield Town

01/01/202215:00Salford City v Tranmere Rovers

01/01/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Carlisle United

01/01/202215:00Sutton United v Exeter City

01/01/202215:00Swindon Town v Northampton Town

01/01/202215:00Walsall v Newport County

08/01/202215:00Bradford City v Leyton Orient

08/01/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Barrow

08/01/202215:00Carlisle United v Hartlepool United

08/01/202215:00Colchester United v Rochdale

08/01/202215:00Exeter City v Harrogate Town

08/01/202215:00Mansfield Town v Swindon Town

08/01/202215:00Newport County v Salford City

08/01/202215:00Northampton Town v Crawley Town

08/01/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Sutton United

08/01/202215:00Port Vale v Forest Green Rovers

08/01/202215:00Stevenage v Walsall

08/01/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Scunthorpe United

15/01/202215:00Bradford City v Salford City

15/01/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Hartlepool United

15/01/202215:00Carlisle United v Crawley Town

15/01/202215:00Colchester United v Barrow

15/01/202215:00Exeter City v Scunthorpe United

15/01/202215:00Mansfield Town v Walsall

15/01/202215:00Newport County v Harrogate Town

15/01/202215:00Northampton Town v Forest Green Rovers

15/01/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Leyton Orient

15/01/202215:00Port Vale v Swindon Town

15/01/202215:00Stevenage v Sutton United

15/01/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Rochdale

22/01/202215:00Barrow v Mansfield Town

22/01/202215:00Crawley Town v Tranmere Rovers

22/01/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Carlisle United

22/01/202215:00Harrogate Town v Oldham Athletic

22/01/202215:00Hartlepool United v Stevenage

22/01/202215:00Leyton Orient v Port Vale

22/01/202215:00Rochdale v Bradford City

22/01/202215:00Salford City v Colchester United

22/01/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Newport County

22/01/202215:00Sutton United v Northampton Town

22/01/202215:00Swindon Town v Bristol Rovers

22/01/202215:00Walsall v Exeter City

29/01/202215:00Bradford City v Crawley Town

29/01/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Walsall

29/01/202215:00Carlisle United v Sutton United

29/01/202215:00Colchester United v Swindon Town

29/01/202215:00Exeter City v Hartlepool United

29/01/202215:00Mansfield Town v Leyton Orient

29/01/202215:00Newport County v Barrow

29/01/202215:00Northampton Town v Salford City

29/01/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Rochdale

29/01/202215:00Port Vale v Scunthorpe United

29/01/202215:00Stevenage v Harrogate Town

29/01/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Forest Green Rovers

05/02/202215:00Barrow v Tranmere Rovers

05/02/202215:00Crawley Town v Stevenage

05/02/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Newport County

05/02/202215:00Harrogate Town v Bradford City

05/02/202215:00Hartlepool United v Mansfield Town

05/02/202215:00Leyton Orient v Colchester United

05/02/202215:00Rochdale v Carlisle United

05/02/202215:00Salford City v Port Vale

05/02/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Oldham Athletic

05/02/202215:00Sutton United v Bristol Rovers

05/02/202215:00Swindon Town v Exeter City

05/02/202215:00Walsall v Northampton Town

08/02/202219:45Carlisle United v Port Vale

08/02/202219:45Exeter City v Leyton Orient

08/02/202219:45Forest Green Rovers v Rochdale

08/02/202219:45Harrogate Town v Crawley Town

08/02/202219:45Hartlepool United v Barrow

08/02/202219:45Mansfield Town v Colchester United

08/02/202219:45Northampton Town v Newport County

08/02/202219:45Oldham Athletic v Bristol Rovers

08/02/202219:45Salford City v Sutton United

08/02/202219:45Scunthorpe United v Walsall

08/02/202219:45Stevenage v Bradford City

08/02/202219:45Tranmere Rovers v Swindon Town

12/02/202215:00Barrow v Stevenage

12/02/202215:00Bradford City v Exeter City

12/02/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Mansfield Town

12/02/202215:00Colchester United v Carlisle United

12/02/202215:00Crawley Town v Hartlepool United

12/02/202215:00Leyton Orient v Salford City

12/02/202215:00Newport County v Oldham Athletic

12/02/202215:00Port Vale v Northampton Town

12/02/202215:00Rochdale v Harrogate Town

12/02/202215:00Sutton United v Forest Green Rovers

12/02/202215:00Swindon Town v Scunthorpe United

12/02/202215:00Walsall v Tranmere Rovers

19/02/202215:00Carlisle United v Swindon Town

19/02/202215:00Exeter City v Barrow

19/02/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Walsall

19/02/202215:00Harrogate Town v Leyton Orient

19/02/202215:00Hartlepool United v Sutton United

19/02/202215:00Mansfield Town v Newport County

19/02/202215:00Northampton Town v Colchester United

19/02/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Bradford City

19/02/202215:00Salford City v Crawley Town

19/02/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Rochdale

19/02/202215:00Stevenage v Bristol Rovers

19/02/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Port Vale

26/02/202215:00Barrow v Harrogate Town

26/02/202215:00Bradford City v Mansfield Town

26/02/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Exeter City

26/02/202215:00Colchester United v Oldham Athletic

26/02/202215:00Crawley Town v Forest Green Rovers

26/02/202215:00Leyton Orient v Carlisle United

26/02/202215:00Newport County v Tranmere Rovers

26/02/202215:00Port Vale v Stevenage

26/02/202215:00Rochdale v Northampton Town

26/02/202215:00Sutton United v Scunthorpe United

26/02/202215:00Swindon Town v Salford City

26/02/202215:00Walsall v Hartlepool United

05/03/202215:00Barrow v Walsall

05/03/202215:00Bradford City v Swindon Town

05/03/202215:00Colchester United v Port Vale

05/03/202215:00Crawley Town v Scunthorpe United

05/03/202215:00Harrogate Town v Hartlepool United

05/03/202215:00Leyton Orient v Stevenage

05/03/202215:00Mansfield Town v Exeter City

05/03/202215:00Newport County v Bristol Rovers

05/03/202215:00Northampton Town v Tranmere Rovers

05/03/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Carlisle United

05/03/202215:00Salford City v Forest Green Rovers

05/03/202215:00Sutton United v Rochdale

12/03/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Harrogate Town

12/03/202215:00Carlisle United v Northampton Town

12/03/202215:00Exeter City v Salford City

12/03/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Bradford City

12/03/202215:00Hartlepool United v Leyton Orient

12/03/202215:00Port Vale v Crawley Town

12/03/202215:00Rochdale v Barrow

12/03/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Colchester United

12/03/202215:00Stevenage v Newport County

12/03/202215:00Swindon Town v Oldham Athletic

12/03/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Mansfield Town

12/03/202215:00Walsall v Sutton United

15/03/202219:45Bristol Rovers v Colchester United

15/03/202219:45Carlisle United v Newport County

15/03/202219:45Exeter City v Crawley Town

15/03/202219:45Forest Green Rovers v Leyton Orient

15/03/202219:45Hartlepool United v Bradford City

15/03/202219:45Port Vale v Mansfield Town

15/03/202219:45Rochdale v Salford City

15/03/202219:45Scunthorpe United v Barrow

15/03/202219:45Stevenage v Northampton Town

15/03/202219:45Swindon Town v Sutton United

15/03/202219:45Tranmere Rovers v Harrogate Town

15/03/202219:45Walsall v Oldham Athletic

19/03/202215:00Barrow v Carlisle United

19/03/202215:00Bradford City v Port Vale

19/03/202215:00Colchester United v Forest Green Rovers

19/03/202215:00Crawley Town v Swindon Town

19/03/202215:00Harrogate Town v Walsall

19/03/202215:00Leyton Orient v Rochdale

19/03/202215:00Mansfield Town v Stevenage

19/03/202215:00Newport County v Hartlepool United

19/03/202215:00Northampton Town v Bristol Rovers

19/03/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Exeter City

19/03/202215:00Salford City v Scunthorpe United

19/03/202215:00Sutton United v Tranmere Rovers

26/03/202215:00Bradford City v Newport County

26/03/202215:00Carlisle United v Bristol Rovers

26/03/202215:00Colchester United v Tranmere Rovers

26/03/202215:00Crawley Town v Rochdale

26/03/202215:00Exeter City v Stevenage

26/03/202215:00Leyton Orient v Barrow

26/03/202215:00Northampton Town v Hartlepool United

26/03/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Mansfield Town

26/03/202215:00Port Vale v Sutton United

26/03/202215:00Salford City v Walsall

26/03/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Harrogate Town

26/03/202215:00Swindon Town v Forest Green Rovers

02/04/202215:00Barrow v Port Vale

02/04/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Bradford City

02/04/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Scunthorpe United

02/04/202215:00Harrogate Town v Colchester United

02/04/202215:00Hartlepool United v Salford City

02/04/202215:00Mansfield Town v Northampton Town

02/04/202215:00Newport County v Exeter City

02/04/202215:00Rochdale v Swindon Town

02/04/202215:00Stevenage v Oldham Athletic

02/04/202215:00Sutton United v Crawley Town

02/04/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Carlisle United

02/04/202215:00Walsall v Leyton Orient

09/04/202215:00Carlisle United v Exeter City

09/04/202215:00Colchester United v Stevenage

09/04/202215:00Crawley Town v Barrow

09/04/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Hartlepool United

09/04/202215:00Northampton Town v Bradford City

09/04/202215:00Port Vale v Oldham Athletic

09/04/202215:00Rochdale v Walsall

09/04/202215:00Salford City v Harrogate Town

09/04/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Mansfield Town

09/04/202215:00Sutton United v Leyton Orient

09/04/202215:00Swindon Town v Newport County

09/04/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Bristol Rovers

15/04/202215:00Barrow v Forest Green Rovers

15/04/202215:00Bradford City v Tranmere Rovers

15/04/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Salford City

15/04/202215:00Exeter City v Colchester United

15/04/202215:00Harrogate Town v Swindon Town

15/04/202215:00Hartlepool United v Port Vale

15/04/202215:00Leyton Orient v Scunthorpe United

15/04/202215:00Mansfield Town v Sutton United

15/04/202215:00Newport County v Crawley Town

15/04/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Northampton Town

15/04/202215:00Stevenage v Rochdale

15/04/202215:00Walsall v Carlisle United

18/04/202215:00Carlisle United v Mansfield Town

18/04/202215:00Colchester United v Bradford City

18/04/202215:00Crawley Town v Walsall

18/04/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Oldham Athletic

18/04/202215:00Northampton Town v Harrogate Town

18/04/202215:00Port Vale v Bristol Rovers

18/04/202215:00Rochdale v Hartlepool United

18/04/202215:00Salford City v Barrow

18/04/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Stevenage

18/04/202215:00Sutton United v Newport County

18/04/202215:00Swindon Town v Leyton Orient

18/04/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Exeter City

23/04/202215:00Barrow v Sutton United

23/04/202215:00Bradford City v Scunthorpe United

23/04/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Forest Green Rovers

23/04/202215:00Exeter City v Rochdale

23/04/202215:00Harrogate Town v Carlisle United

23/04/202215:00Hartlepool United v Swindon Town

23/04/202215:00Leyton Orient v Northampton Town

23/04/202215:00Mansfield Town v Crawley Town

23/04/202215:00Newport County v Colchester United

23/04/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Salford City

23/04/202215:00Stevenage v Tranmere Rovers

23/04/202215:00Walsall v Port Vale

30/04/202215:00Carlisle United v Stevenage

30/04/202215:00Colchester United v Walsall

30/04/202215:00Crawley Town v Leyton Orient

30/04/202215:00Forest Green Rovers v Harrogate Town

30/04/202215:00Northampton Town v Exeter City

30/04/202215:00Port Vale v Newport County

30/04/202215:00Rochdale v Bristol Rovers

30/04/202215:00Salford City v Mansfield Town

30/04/202215:00Scunthorpe United v Hartlepool United

30/04/202215:00Sutton United v Bradford City

30/04/202215:00Swindon Town v Barrow

30/04/202215:00Tranmere Rovers v Oldham Athletic

07/05/202215:00Barrow v Northampton Town

07/05/202215:00Bradford City v Carlisle United

07/05/202215:00Bristol Rovers v Scunthorpe United

07/05/202215:00Exeter City v Port Vale

07/05/202215:00Harrogate Town v Sutton United

07/05/202215:00Hartlepool United v Colchester United

07/05/202215:00Leyton Orient v Tranmere Rovers

07/05/202215:00Mansfield Town v Forest Green Rovers

07/05/202215:00Newport County v Rochdale

07/05/202215:00Oldham Athletic v Crawley Town

07/05/202215:00Stevenage v Salford City

07/05/202215:00Walsall v Swindon Town

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