Leaked Liverpool Documents Reveal Hotel Demands for Spoiled Stars

Jonny Ricketts

​A set of leaked Liverpool documents have revealed the demands Jurgen Klopp's side put on hotels prior to matches, as well as the pre-match routine his players are put through.

Obtained by Starsport, the documents were obtained shortly before Liverpool continued their fine pre-season form with a win over Huddersfield Town.

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The documents are titled 'Liverpool FC - Domestic Hotel Requirements Season 2016-17'.  Within it, the club set out their expectations for when they stay at hotels prior to matchdays.

It contains a whole host of do's and don'ts whilst also revealing the special requests of players and staff within the squad.

Liverpool's players are expected to be provided with double beds, bottles of water, a wifi code, pay television and only fruit juices are to be contained within the mini bar.

Meanwhile the Reds' rooms are not to contain snacks or alcohol and are blocked from making or receiving calls. 

In a series of bizarre requests, Liverpool have asked for club captain Jordan Henderson and Adam Lallana to be stationed next to each other, whilst playmaker Philippe Coutinho insists that a fan must be in his room.

Manager Jurgen Klopp and his assistants stay in a separate area to the players, however, they have requested to have smoking rooms.

In a separate set of documents also revealed by Starsport, the itinerary for the away trip to Huddersfield Town was laid out.

Liverpool itinerary for their game against Huddersfield Town
Liverpool itinerary for their game against Huddersfield Town

In what appears to be a full-on twenty-four hours for Klopp's men, they took to the field in Huddersfield before jetting off for their tour of the United States.

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