At least two dead and dozens missing after landslide engulfs motorway in Brazil

At least two people have died and dozens are missing after a landslide engulfed a motorway in southern Brazil.

Heavy rain caused a mudslide on the BR-376 motorway in the town of Guaratuba in Parana state.

The whereabouts of around 30 people are unknown.

Several vehicles are thought to have been buried under the rubble on the coastal road.

Aerial pictures also show lorries lying on their sides hanging perilously over the edge of the motorway.

Footage shared on social media showed motorists battling through muddy floodwater before the landslide.

Some people online have asked why the road was not closed earlier.

Access to a major port for grains and sugar shipments was cut off after the landslide on Tuesday.

About 80% of goods exported from Paranagua, the country's second-biggest port for grains and sugar, are delivered by truck.

The BR-277 road to Paranagua and Antonia ports was closed after the landslide but had been expected to reopen last night.

The port authority has declined to estimate the total losses.

Operators and terminals at Paranagua are moving stockpiled goods, which are expected to last until this weekend.

Days earlier a landslide killed at least three people on the island of Ischia in southern Italy, including a young girl believed to be five.