Leave Those Potato Skins On For Way More Flavorful Fries

Skin on fries
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French fries are one of the best side dishes because they're deliciously crunchy, you can upgrade their flavor with all kinds of dipping sauces and seasonings, you can make different styles of fries, and they pair well with so many main dishes. You can eat fries with burgers, steaks, chicken strips, fish, wings, fried shrimp, nuggets, sandwiches, and the list goes on. French fries may also be one of the most common foods at restaurants and fast food chains. But you can also make fries at home. And if you want your fries to be especially delicious and appetizing, don't remove the potato skins when you cook them.

By leaving the potato skin on your fries, they will have a much more homemade, rustic look that will distinguish them from the fries you may find at the grocery store or when you eat out. Those layers of potato skin will also add a rich crispiness to your fries that will make them delectable. The skin has an intense potato taste that you'll lose if you peel your fries. In order to ensure you maximize the texture and flavor of your fries, there are certain procedures you need to follow when making the dish.

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How To Get The Most Flavor And Texture When Cooking Skin-On Fries

Skin on fries
Skin on fries - Averyslondon / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

When you make homemade french fries, there are several things you can do while leaving the skin on your fries to get the best flavor and crispy texture. After you peel the potatoes and cut them into raw fries, leave your skin-on fries in water between a half-hour and two hours. This will help create the crispiest texture when you fry them. Be sure to drain the fries on a paper towel and dry them thoroughly before you cook them.

When you're frying your potatoes, once your fries are finished cooking, blanch them in hot oil on low heat so that they gradually cook and don't brown. Once they're done blanching, let the fries sit out for a bit until they come to room temperature, or leave them in the fridge to cool. Then fry them for the last time, and your skin-on fries will be super crispy, golden brown, and delicious.

People Agree That Skin-On Fries Are Wonderful

Skin on fries
Skin on fries - The Midnight Foodie / YouTube

In a Reddit thread titled, "Are fries with skins okay?," Redditors shared the reasons why skin-on fries are the way to go. One commentator argued that skin-on fries look much more distinctive than other styles of fries. They explained, "Fries with the skin on are perfectly okay! I prefer them that way myself, adds character and makes them look more 'homestyle' to me." Another user confirmed that the enhanced crispiness and homemade look from leaving on the potato skins is worth it. They said, "The skins on are awesome. Feels less refined and the extra texture is great."

You can also level up the flavor of your skin-on fries with all kinds of seasonings. You can sprinkle black pepper on your skin-on fries to add some sharp, woody flavor, some garlic powder to add a mild allium taste, or some tarragon to upgrade your fries. No matter which seasoning you choose, you'll already be in great shape from all of the crispiness and flavor you'll retain from leaving those potato skins on.

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