Use Up Leftover Green Tomatoes And Make Some Bread

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If you have a green thumb and find a few tomatoes left unripened on the vine at the end of your harvest, you're going to want to get creative with how to use those verdant gems instead of letting them go to waste. If you want to enjoy them right away, consider making a simple green tomato bread. Similar to homemade zucchini bread, this loaf is easy to make, and versatile enough to be enjoyed from morning to night.

Tomatoes are an adaptable fruit, and although unripe green tomatoes are more tart, green tomato bread is usually made sweet. It all depends on the add-ins you choose to mix into the batter — you can make it more savory, too. Some recipes even call for yogurt to help moisten the bread. The best part is that once you combine all the ingredients, you'll have an easy loaf of bread ready in about one hour, without the need for yeast or rising.

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Sweet And Savory Add-Ins For Green Tomato Bread

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The green tomatoes may be the featured ingredient here, but don't think they'll overpower the bread; they simply add a unique tartness. The sugar already helps to contrast this, but adding two teaspoons of vanilla extract creates a powerful aroma that sweetens the bread even further. To perfectly transition this bread from a summer tomato harvest favorite to crisp autumn days, you could even sprinkle in some cinnamon. The result is a warm, spiced, sweet dessert bread, leaving you wondering why you never thought to incorporate tomatoes into dessert before.

As for adding texture, try folding some walnuts or pecans into the green tomato bread dough. Chop the chunky nuts well so they mix evenly with the batter, giving a crunch to every slice of your green tomato bread. You could even toast your walnuts to caramelize them, bringing even more sweet, nutty flavor to the bread.

If you're looking to go the savory route, skip the vanilla extract and nuts and opt for grated cheese like parmesan. Chopped prosciutto and olives also make a great pairing with the cheese for a salty-savory experience. For a green tomato bread that's more veggie-forward, minced basil or spinach are great choices. Just make sure to chop the ingredients very finely to mix into the batter seamlessly.

More Great Ways To Use Up Your Green Tomatoes

fried green tomatoes on a cooling rack
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Made your loaf of green tomato bread but still have tomatoes left over? Slice up your full-sized green tomatoes or halve green cherry tomatoes to create an unexpected condiment: pickled green tomatoes. The green tomatoes' sour tang makes them the perfect candidate for pickles that pop, elevating your everyday sandwich.

You've heard of the southern classic, fried green tomatoes, but don't underestimate green grilled tomatoes either. These unripened tomatoes are extra firm, so they hold up well to heat. Top your grilled green tomato slices with balsamic glaze and crumbled feta cheese for a perfect taste of summer.

Green tomatoes are brighter and tangier than fully ripe tomatoes, making them especially useful as a flavor addition to a variety of go-to meals. If you have an abundance of green tomatoes, consider canning and storing them to preserve their zesty flavor long-term. Then, you can bring them out and get creative —baking green tomato bread or enjoying them as is year-round.

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