Use Up Leftover Shredded Chicken For A Hearty Plate Of Nachos

shredded chicken nachos in skillet with toppings
shredded chicken nachos in skillet with toppings - Rudisill/Getty Images

Need a little inspiration on what to do with the leftover chicken in your fridge? A filling plate of hearty nachos, featuring melted cheese and flavorful fixings like pico de gallo and guac is the answer. Better yet, anything works, from half a rotisserie chicken or last night's Tuscan Baked Chicken Breasts to Honey-Glazed Garlic Thighs; as long as you've got enough chicken to shred into pieces, you'll be able to turn this versatile sharing snack into a substantial weeknight meal.

To make a filling plate of shredded chicken nachos, simply spread your tortilla chips out on a sheet pan in a single layer and top with cheese (using a tray instead of a dish maximizes the ratio of chip to cheese, ensuring every crispy triangle is gooey with cheddar or Colby). Next, scatter over your chicken and bake in the oven until the cheese melts and the protein is warmed through. You might even like to add a can of black beans before you pop it in the oven for an extra layer of flavor and a further boost of filling protein, or sprinkle over taco seasoning, garlic powder, black salt, or paprika for a dash of spice and saltiness. Finally, top your hot nachos with fresh ingredients like guacamole, salsa, and coriander as well as pickled jalapeños, sour cream, and diced red onions. Crunchy add-ons such as sliced radish and scallions pair wonderfully with chicken as well, lending heaps of scrumptious texture just before you dig in.

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The Benefit Of Adding Chicken To Your Nachos

Nachos with shredded chicken
Nachos with shredded chicken - Marcos Elihu Castillo Ramirez/Getty Images

A plate of nachos that features cheese and fresh produce is a decidedly delicious snack but adding chicken into the mix turns it into a filling meal because the extra protein from the chook keeps you feeling fuller for longer and curbs cravings. If you don't have shredded chicken on hand, other high-protein options like ground beef or turkey will work. For a veggie alternative, switch the meat for canned beans or ground tofu.

No matter which protein you select to top your cheesy nachos, be sure to get the washing up done while it bakes so you can dine immediately. You're looking to load the tortilla chips fast with your cold toppings so you can eat them while the rest of the ingredients are still hot, which makes for a texturally complex bite.

If you've got fussy kids who don't like spicy jalapeños, employ this muffin tray hack used for taco fixings and place the toppings in a separate dish. That way, they can personalize their plate as they please.

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