Leicester City Star Christian Fuchs on Top Form During Hilarious Fan Q&A on Reddit

Ben Dillon

Leicester City​'s Austrian full back Christian Fuchs entertained fans this weekend by hosting an AMA on Reddit. The 31-year-old was on good form as fans messaged him about a range of topics. 

In the thread on ​reddit, one fan asked the Premier League star: "If you were stuck on an island with a raft, 3 days supplies of food and a dog, which three Premier League players would you want with you and why?"

Fuchs brilliantly replied: "I would need only one. Kante to get me off the island and swim me across the ocean to safety."

Fuchs also revealed that being a Premier League star is of no help when it comes to buy tickets to see Harry Potter: The Cursed Child. After a fan asked him what his best non-footballing moment in England was so far Fuchs revealed he sees the funny side to his ticket troubles . 

"My biggest challenge is still to get Harry Potter tickets. It is becoming a big joke. One of my best moments was when I was told before entering the play I had fake tickets. I thought it must be a joke. It wasn't."

The Austrian will hope for better luck on Tuesday when the Foxes host Atletico Madrid in an enormous Champions League quarter-final clash. 

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