Lennon: I'll miss Rangers rivalry

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Neil Lennon is going to miss Celtic's fierce rivalry with Rangers

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Neil Lennon is going to miss Celtic's fierce rivalry with Rangers

Celtic manager Neil Lennon admits he will miss the Old Firm rivalry following the loss of Rangers from the Clydesdale Bank Premier League.

Lennon also urged fans to rally behind the club as he admitted there would be a financial impact from the absence of the Ibrox club from the SPL, although his budget is not immediately affected.

"There's that competitiveness, that rivalry, you are obviously going to miss the games," said Lennon. "It's a great selling point for Scottish football but they are not here and there's nothing I can do about that."

Celtic were among 10 clubs who voted against the Ibrox newco's application to join the SPL, which now faces a definite financial shortfall and huge uncertainty should Rangers be relaunched in the Third Division.

Celtic have consistently insisted they do not need Rangers to flourish and although there will be some commercial impact, it was the disappearance of the competition that appeared to be hitting home to Lennon.

"From a personal point of view, I won't have to go through the stress and the worry and the build-up for a week and the aftermath," he added.

"But that's just me being selfish, I don't think there are too many benefits without the Old Firm."

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has dismissed suggestions they need Rangers but Lennon expects some impact.

"Financially and commercially it will bite us a bit but the club has its own financial structure and strategy in place and we'll move ahead regardless," Lennon said.

"Our budget is unchanged. We always try and maintain a level ground on the spending going out and the money that we bring in."

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