Letter: Carefully worded and smug comments about unionists from Steve Baker

Letters to editor (Photo: JP)
Letters to editor (Photo: JP)

In a recent interview Steve Baker minister of state for Northern Ireland spoke about unionists who truly believe in the Union in a condescending manner when he stated it was not possible to reopen the Windsor Framework and satisfy the hardest line of opinion.

As a unionist I and the majority of my fellow unionists take great offence at his carefully worded and smug comments and say to Mr Baker Parliament is sovereign and so of course the Windsor Framework which rigorously implements the protocol and the protocol itself can and must be scrapped.

Referring to the hardest line of opinion, he of course meant unionists. To him unionists who believe that all peoples across the UK should be treated equality, without EU interference and the imposition of an internal customs border must be considered hard-line.

Stevan Patterson, Castlederg