Letters: Professional golfers previously critical will now be accepting Saudi Arabian money

Letters to editor (Photo: JP)
Letters to editor (Photo: JP)

Back in July 2022,the forgotten man of Northern Ireland sport, Graeme McDowell, speaking to the BBC, stated that there was no doubt that money was the driving factor in his and other Professional Golfers joining the Saudi Arabia backed LIV Golf Tour.

Graeme and other golfers, amid allegations of Saudi Sport washing, were vilified for supporting a regime with an appalling human rights record.

How things change in a year.

With the advent of the new arrangement between the Professional Golf of America and Saudi LIV Golf, those golfers who were so critical of Graeme McDowell and others for accepting Saudi money will themselves accept Saudi money if they play on the PGA Tour.

Will their morality in taking Saudi money be questioned and will they be vilified to the same degree as Graeme McDowell?

Somehow I doubt it and their hypocrisy in accepting Saudi Arabian money will not be questioned either.

Gerry Cullen, Dungannon