Leverkusen CEO says Bundesliga is undervalued and needs better global recognition

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Carro is convinced the Bundesliga has vast potential for growth around the globe, and is already much more valuable than international TV rights would suggest. The Bundesliga generates about €270 million per year from TV rights sold around the world, while Spain's La Liga earns €900 million and the English Premier League rakes in a staggering €2 billion. "I believe that our rights are sold under value," Carro told Bulinews. "If you look at the amount of money we get compared to La Liga and the Premier League, it doesn't reflect the importance of the Bundesliga. "All the big clubs in the Bundesliga have to increase their efforts, not only to make their own club known, but to make the Bundesliga more known. That's why Bundesliga clubs are working together with the DFL about increasing the awareness." The argument is often made that the Bundesliga doesn't earn as much as the likes of La Liga due to the players who compete in the league, while some point to the fact that Bayern Munich's domination makes the title race less interesting than the Premier League. However, Carro is of the opinion that it's an oversimplification, and that many other factors come into play when looking at the league's evaluation as a revenue generator. He added: "We haven't invested enough, and we haven't been very good operationally. "I don't like it when people say that it's because we don't have big stars like Messi and Ronaldo or that it's because Bayern are always winning. "Of course, these things have an impact, but there are other factors too. We have to work on six or seven things at the same time."

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