Lidl Is Selling An Orange Chocolate Gin And It's Perfect For Christmas

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Lidl/Getty
Photo credit: Lidl/Getty

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Lild has just bought a smile to our faces by announcing it has launched a range of gins that will make for a very fun weekend. Or weekday, tbh.

As part of the supermarket's winter-themed Spirits Festival, there are a load of delicious gins on offer, including a Terry's Chocolate Orange-inspired gin!

The Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin (£18.99, 70cl) boasts flavours of "powdery cocoa and silky vanilla with bursts of sweet orange and an unmistakably full-bodied juniper".

Lidl suggests serving it topped with tonic and garnished with cinnamon and orange for a unique take on a classic. Or, just think of the delicious negronis you can make with this.

Photo credit: Lidl
Photo credit: Lidl

Another highlight of the range includes the Anno Spiced Cranberry Gin (£19.99, 70cl), which features notes of cranberry, zesty oranges, spicy cloves and cassia. It pairs well with apple juice or tonic, according to Lidl.

And fans of a refreshing, fruity gin will also love the Harborough Spirits Company Pear Drop Gin (£19.99, 70cl); a specially distilled gin with strong notes of pear and a subtle juniper finish served best with tonic or as the perfect addition to Prosecco.

Available in stores from 3rd November, Lidl's latest Spirits Festival range includes 12 premium craft spirits from distilleries across Scotland, England and Wales, with prices starting at £17.99.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a trolley and stock up on these ‘essentials’.

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