Brett And Tiffany Were Everyone's Favorite Season 4 Couple From "Love Is Blind" — Here's What They're Up To Now

Brett And Tiffany Were Everyone's Favorite Season 4 Couple From "Love Is Blind" — Here's What They're Up To Now

On the morning of Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell-Brown’s wedding day, a train that runs from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle passed by Tiffany’s window just as she was about to start getting ready.

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“Today is magical,” she says in the episode. “My head is in the clouds.”

It’s wild to realize that this couple will celebrate their two-year anniversary in May. Since their engagement in the pods, Tiffany and Brett have traveled a lot. (They have an upcoming trip to Japan, which has been on Brett’s bucket list.) They’ve spent a lot of date nights at their favorite restaurants around Portland. And they’ve continued to learn more about each other. (Brett’s a huge movie buff, and Tiffany loves Soca music and singing along with Beyoncé.)

Fans have lauded their marriage as an example of true Black love, and still cheer for the couple and their beautiful relationship on social media. On reality dating shows, viewers often miss out on seeing authentic connections between Black partners, and Tiffany and Brett helped fill that void.

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HuffPost talked to the Browns about their first two years of marriage, the surprising things they’ve learned about each other since the pods and how their parents showed them examples of forever love.

Tell me a little bit about how your marriage has been since we last saw you on the Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

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What would you say are the best parts of being married to each other?

TPB: It’s just having somebody that I feel like I can trust completely and can completely rely on. I love how we think and talk through things. I think we’re a little different in some ways, but I just feel like Brett just kind of balances me out. So that’s what I would say has been great about our marriage, especially ’cause of how we got married, like so quickly. Things can go either way, and I’m glad to say that it’s just gotten better and better the longer that we’ve been married.

BB: Yeah, I agree with everything Tiffany just said. Having a partner through everything has been big for me. I was single for a long time before going on Love Is Blind and meeting Tiffany, and thinking back, there were a lot of things that I did as an individual and experiences like traveling that I did as an individual, and it’s so much better to experience things with your person. So like me and Tiffany, thankfully we travel so well together. And like she was saying, she balances me out as well. I mean, I’m probably a little more buttoned up and not as loose as Tiffany is in some things. I’m really kind of focused, like, “Hey babe, you gotta do this, you gotta do that, and this, and...” [Laughs]

TPB: He’s a very responsible individual, but that’s what I love about him too. [Laughs]

BB: Yeah, I’m like responsible to a fault, so Tiffany kind of balances me to be like, “Brett, chill.” Like, “Hey, it ain’t that serious, babe.” And I’m like, “OK, you’re right.”

It’s funny you mention that, because that’s one of the things I think about when rethinking about the show ― and obviously, on your wedding day, Brett had a huge tailoring emergency and I was like, OK, this gives us a really good window into his personality. So it’s good to know that you can balance that out with each other.

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What have you learned about each other that maybe audiences haven’t seen since the cameras went away?

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I need to know, Brett, who are your favorite people to impersonate, or films that you love to watch that you know all the words to?

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And then, Tiffany, who are some of your favorite artists? Who do you like to sing?

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So many fans of the show, like myself, were so happy to see you guys say “I do,” and especially to just see a Black love story on a reality dating show. Have either of you felt any pressure to kind of live up to the audience’s expectations of your relationship?

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Absolutely. For each of you, what are some of the lessons you learned from your parents’ marriages?

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What, if any, challenges have you had in your ― what, almost two years of marriage? And how did you help each other overcome them?

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Obviously you guys didn’t meet in a traditional way, but were there ways that you approach your post-marriage life differently than someone who met on an app or met in real life and got married over time?

BB: The only difference that I feel is actually being aware of how long we’ve actually known each other. So there have been times where like, if me and Tiff are talking about something or there’s a misunderstanding, and I’m like, “Babe, we gotta give each other some grace here, because we’ve known each other for under two years.” And most people would probably date for two years before they even get engaged, and they could be engaged for however long before they get married, so by the time they get married, they got years and years in the game. So giving each other grace when there’s something that is misunderstood, because we’re still very young in our relationship at the end of the day.

TPB: Yeah. It’s almost like we’re just doing everything in reverse. That stage before we have each other’s phone number. [Laughs]

BB: Or even saw our Instagram.

Absolutely. All right, I just have two final quick questions for you both, and then we’ll hop off. If you were asked to star in your own reality show, what would you want that to look like?

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I mean, I saw you all in the Squid Game uniforms on your Instagram pages.

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BB: I had a lot of people hit me up about that, and were like, “Brett, where were you on the show? I didn’t see you on the show?” And I was like, “Oh no. We were just promoting.” And they’re like, “Oh man. I was hoping y’all would be on it.”

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What would be your advice for other Black singles who are thinking about going on a reality dating show, whether Love Is Blind or any other series?

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