Liga - Ancelotti: Tata's job at Barca harder than mine at Real

Carlo Ancelotti believes Tata Martino has a harder job at Barcelona than he does at Real Madrid.

Liga - Ancelotti: Tata's job at Barca harder than mine at Real

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The Italian has given an interview to El Mundo that has been quoted extensively by AS.

In it Ancelotti touches on a number of topics, from Cristiano Ronaldo and the Copa del Rey final to the difficult of replacing Jose Mourinho at Santiago Bernabeu.

“I have to admit Mourinho has only been talked about in the locker room in August, when we met him in a tournament. Since then never again,” Ancelotti said.

“Looking at Barca, I think they are harder to coach than other teams because for many years there has been a very precise philosophy that has brought good results and it cannot change.

“Martino seems like a serious person. There are good days for him, but he hasn’t been extolled.

“There’s a lot of hysteria. You go from being a genius to a disaster within hours.”

Ancelotti added that it was the scale of Real Madrid that enticed him to the club.

“The passion Madrid unleashes in every spot of the planet. It’s the same with Milan, which is another global club. I’ve felt something,” he revealed.

Zinidine Zidane, one of Ancelotti’s assistants, was brought up, with Ancelotti confirming that the former France midfielder is often more vocal in the locker room.

“He speaks to players individually, yes, because he’s better known. I don’t speak much,” Ancelotti continued.

“For example, I think a lot about those who play little. If you talk to the players a lot, you lose their respect.

“Zizou does it well. When he speaks, he’s not just anybody. He’s respected. He has charisma. He’s doing very well and will be a great Coach.”

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