Liga - Spanish football chief alleges match-fixing

The Spanish football league vice-president claims a player and coach informed him that match-fixing in the country exists.

Liga - Spain 'must stamp out matchfixing'

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Javier Tebas

Javier Tebas has consistently stated his belief that match-fixing in Spanish football and La Liga has been prevalent in the game.

“Yes it exists, we cannot deny the fact, which is very serious. It is a minority, but it is very serious,” said Tebas, who intends to stand against José Luis Astiazarán for the presidency of the Spanish league.

“Match-fixing in Spain is not related to betting, but the tables at the end of the season, when maybe only two or three games are important.

“A player, a coach…they have told me, but they do not want to go to court. To me a player from La Primera told me and there’s no denying that it exists.

“An important source told me that a colleague told him that he knew games have been fixed. Those that we catch fixing a game will go to jail."

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