Liga - Stoichkov defends Messi, slams Ballon d'Or

Hristo Stoichkov was forthright in his views on the Ballon d’Or, UEFA President Michel Platini and Lionel Messi.

Liga - Stoichkov defends Messi, slams Ballon d'Or

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hristo stoichkov

The Bulgarian presented Messi with the European Golden Shoe for being 2012-13’s top scorer across the continent in a ceremony today, before taking questions from reporters.

First on the agenda was his view on who should win the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or, which Messi is seen as in contention for alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Franck Ribery.

“I’m done with all the talk, it disgusts me,” stated Stoichkov on the award that he won back in 1994.

“Platini moves well and seeing that he is there, it is very difficult for Messi. I think that Ribery will win the Ballon d’Or, he is French and has won many titles.

“France’s win over Ukraine [in the World Cup play-offs yesterday] was a robbery.

“In 1994 [at the World Cup] they tried to crush Bulgaria with a French referee against the Spanish. It needs to be said.”

Stoichkov was also asked of advice for Messi, currently recovering from a torn hamstring.

“Messi certainly needs to recover physically, but he also needs to rest mentally and the Press need to leave him alone.”

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