Lioness Rachel Daly looks so strong enjoying a 'well-deserved' holiday

rachel daly

Lioness Rachel Daly is enjoying a well-deserved break after being named as part of the Lionesses squad for the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The Harrogate native took to IG with a photo taken on a boat trip with the caption: ‘Boats n toes.’

She's yet to reveal where or who she is with, but we’re hedging our bets she’s away with her girlfriend and fellow football star Millie Turner.

Several of her fans took to the comments section to congratulate her on her recent success in the Women's Super League, and to wish her a lovely break. One wrote: ‘Enjoy I think you’ve earned a break after all that running. Need you recharged physically and mentally for the exciting times ahead. Well done. Great season 👏🔥,’ while another added, ‘Yessss rach❤️enjoy your well deserved break x,’ and a third said, ‘The forthcoming world cup golden boot winner right there 🔥.’

There’s no denying she’s had an epic season. She walked away from the Women’s Super League as the top scorer, and just one league goal away from breaking the record of the most scored EVER. She also won the Golden Boot, making her the first English woman to do so since Ellen White in 2018.

We caught up with her before the 2022 Euros last year, when she gave us an insight into her intense training regime. ‘Your body can go through much more than you think,’ she told us. ‘You'll need to figure out and develop strategies to become robust and flexible and learn ways in which your body recovers the best, but once you’ve done that, you’ll realise you can manage much more than you thought – both physically and mentally.’

Managing her sleep has helped endlessly, too. ‘I track my sleep using apps, but my sleep isn’t the best,’ she told WH. ‘I play my domestic football in the US, which means flying back and forth and changing time zones a lot, and in doing that I have learned that shorter, quality sleep is much better than long, broken sleep. I feel so much better for getting a proper deep sleep, even if it's shorter than ideal, than I do if I get a longer one where I’m woken several times.

‘I use lots of different rest and recovery strategies and, admittedly, these include things like ice baths, massages, hot and cold water therapy and leg compression boots, but I also find that simply going for a walk with my dog is a great way for my body and mind to relax.’

As for her diet, she said: ‘I always make sure I get at least five varieties of fruit and vegetables a day to cover all the vitamins and minerals needed to stay fit and strong, and I drink a glass of milk and a bottle of cherry juice after every football match to aid recovery.’

Killing it, Rach.

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