WATCH: Terrifying moment little boy jumps from window after locking himself in the toilet

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The terrifying moment a young boy jumped from the third floor of his kindergarten after locking himself in the bathroom has been caught on camera.

Video from the preschool centre in the village of Xinhe located in the Chinese city of Linyi, Shandong, shows the child jump from the window ledge on Friday morning despite horrified teachers pleading for him not to, Shijian Video reported.

A young boy falls out a window after being locked in the toilet.
The young boy miraculously survived without any severe injuries. Source: Weibo/ Shijian Video

As he falls, a security guard manages to position himself underneath and cushion the boy’s fall before the teachers rush to his aid amid screams.

The Feixin Education Bureau issued a statement on Monday indicating the boy had accidentally locked himself in the bathroom and could not open the door.

Shijian Video
Shijian Video

He then climbed out of the window and over the guardrail. In the video, other students appear to be in the bathroom with him.

Miraculously, he only suffered a slight fracture to the right side of his forehead and is to be kept under observation in hospital for five days. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Video of the incident has been viewed millions of times on Weibo, with many praising the quick-thinking of the security guard.

Shijian Video
Shijian Video

Others queried why the bathroom door wasn’t kicked down, while some questioned the procedures in place at the kindergarten.

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