Little boy throws adorable ‘uncle party’—and all of his uncles show up

Who among us hasn’t wanted to spend some time just hanging out with the boys, having some beer, pizza, and bacon? That was clearly what one little boy had in mind when he came up with the genius idea to host an “uncle party.” In a now-viral TikTok video, he invites all his uncles over for some extremely high-quality hang time, and we have a feeling uncle parties are going to be a big thing from now on (beer, pizza, and bacon absolutely not optional).

The video was posted by TikToker Lexie Echols, who goes by @unclestanandlexie. Over a video of her son looking so excited he’s about to burst, she wrote, “My son called each of his uncles in the middle of the week to invite them over for an ‘uncle party’ to have ‘beer, pizza, and bacon’ and they all showed up for him.”

In the video, Lexie can be heard asking her son, “OK, so what are we doing tonight?”

Jumping up and down in his excitement, her son yells back to her, “Having an uncle party!”

Because what else?

The beer, pizza, and bacon must be ready and set out, because the party is clearly about to begin. Lexie zooms the camera in on the “first uncle that made it,” the family’s pet schnauzer (whose name is, hilariously, Uncle Stan). But the real uncles were clearly on their way, because soon, the video cuts to a video of the kiddo making the rounds to give hugs to all the uncles, and then a photo of her son posing with all his uncle buddies. There are six of them, and sure enough, they did all show up for their Uncle Party.

In the comments, people are loving the party and the family love on display here.

“This kid knows how to plan a menu!” one comment wrote. Fully agree.

Another chimed in, “When is Auntie night? And what do I need to bring?”

Yet another wrote, “He just wanted to have a fun night with the boys. This is so cute.” Another added, “Little nephew is loved. He calls they come.”

So if anyone needs us, we’ll be throwing our own Uncle Party.