Little girl’s big sister journey is ‘most beautiful thing’ mom has witnessed

A mother documented her daughter’s journey into big sisterhood. She called it the “most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.”

TikTok mom Lacy recorded her daughter JJ every step of the way on her important journey. From the moment JJ learned she would become a big sister to the moment she first held her newborn sibling, mom was there to support JJ through the big changes. But it seemed JJ was there supporting mom and her new little sister the entire time too.

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JJ was excited the second she heard a new sibling was on the way. The little one didn’t have much to say when she got the news, she was too busy happy crying.

JJ was with mom during the ultrasound, she sprayed dad with pink foam during the gender reveal and she sang songs to her mama’s bump. By the time JJ was holding her newborn sister in her arms, they were totally comfortable with each other.

People on TikTok praised the bond JJ formed with her new little sis.

“When you first told her and she started to cry. I couldn’t hold it together the whole video! She’s gonna be the BEST big sister,” a person wrote.

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“When I tell you I’m BAWLING,” a TikToker replied.

“This is without a doubt the most beautiful TikTok I’ve ever seen. I hope they love the most amazing life together. Great job momma!” another commented.

“Your baby will know her big sister’s voice when she is born! They will be the best of friends,” a user said.

“The sister everyone wants! The memories those two are going to have!” someone added.

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