LIV Golf rebel Ian Poulter not impressed by Ryder Cup birthday snub

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It's been customary for the official account to mark the birthdays of Europe's Ryder Cup stars with a celebratory tweet, but it appears they are no longer doing so for Europe's LIV Golf rebels. Spanish star Sergio Garcia's birthday on January 9 passed by without a mention, and there was also no tweet in honour of Poulter's happy day 24 hours later, with the account choosing instead to highlight the "incredible touch" of Italy's Francesco Molinari (who doesn't have a birthday until November). The birthday snubs did not go unnoticed by Poulter, who wasn't too impressed by the account praising Molinari's touch on his special day. "What's really an 'incredible touch' is the Players that helped build the @RyderCupEurope Brand with other players as well. You just can't bring yourself to say a simple Happy Birthday. @TheSergioGarcia B'day yesterday. Unfortunately this says so much," he tweeted. While Poulter probably has a point in highlighting the account's somewhat petty treatment of its former stars who now ply their trade on the LIV Golf tour, most commentators could not resist making fun of his hurt feelings. "It's my birthday next month and I swear to God, if any of you forget to send me a tweet with your best wishes," tweeted Michael McEwan. "@IanJamesPoulter has sensitively done us a good turn in reminding us that no matter what decisions we make in life, hurtful for others that they may be, we should still expect to be wished Happy Birthday by them," wrote journalist Greg Allen. To which Poulter hit back: "Just highlighting the orders that have been given from the Top down. #pettypelley." As for fellow Ryder Cup star-turned-LIV Golf rebel Lee Westwood, he was quick to point out that he would be fine with his 50th birthday in April going unnoticed. "Just FYI… I'm of an age where I don't want reminding that another birthday has come and gone! #birthdaygate." "Hahahaha don't worry I will remind everyone when that 50 rolls around," Poulter replied.

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