Liverpool Academy Youngster Forced to Return £80,000 Range Rover After Tax Mishap

Ryan Jones

​A Liverpool academy player, who has mercifully remained unnamed, has been forced to return an £80,000 Range Rover after an embarrassing tax misunderstanding between his gross and net pay.

According to the Mirror, after using his first payday to splash out on the pricey vehicle the youngster was stunned to learn of the huge reduction in his earnings after paying tax. 

Apparently being surrounded by his teammates' expensive cars at training, provoked jealousy and an urge to compete with them, but instead he has been left a laughing stock.


Peter Fairchild, an advisor to Premier League players, explained how the events unfolded. 

"He got confused between his net and his gross income," Fairchild said.

"[Young players] see a fleet of shiny cars at the training ground and don't want to be seen in a Fiat Punto."

Having an impressive car doesn't always suit professional players, however, with plenty of coverage following Chelsea star N'Golo Kante's choice of a modest Mini Cooper when he arrived for training a few weeks ago. 

Keeping humble may have prevented this youngster from getting noticed for all the wrong reasons but at least getting in the headlines will put his name in manager Jurgen Klopp's mind as the starlet looks to push his way into the senior team and the starting eleven. 

Unfortunately for him he's going to have use that money for a less pricey option until he moves through the ranks and tries to become a household name. 

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