Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp wants less emotions and more goals from returning Darwin Nunez

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The former Benfica man lost his cool and headbutted Joachim Andersen, which earned him an instant dismissal in the August 15 clash.

The eyes of Premier League defenders would have lit up when they saw how easily the 23-year-old was triggered and they will surely try to antagonise him. But Klopp says if the opposition become preoccupied with trying to get a reaction out of Nunez then he can take advantage. "Our ideas and how we want to think in these situations is that we pay back with football, and that is how it is," he said. "I don't think (James) Tarkowski and (Conor) Coady are famous for too much this kind of talking during the game. Most of the things he doesn't understand anyway, but you don't have to be too creative with it. "If Darwin plays then he has to be ready for these things, definitely, that is clear, but when a player is talking to you a lot or is really physical, then he is not in his own game, and he (Nunez) has to use these kind of moments as well. "If the other one is too busy wanting to distract him, you just have to use it from a football point of view." Klopp revealed he has spoken to the Uruguayan about keeping his emotions in check, but has not gone overboard.

"He is a wonderful young man, honestly, but he has emotions as well," he added. "So making a mistake, we didn't speak for the full 15 days to him about it telling him, 'you have to calm down'. "I think Luis Suarez told him, I'm not sure they spoke privately but probably they did via news and using some media. That will happen but it happens to others as well, that's how it is, you just have to ignore it and use it. "It was a lot that came together for the boy, it is all new, it was has first home game, a lot of excitement, the emotional level you go into a game is already high, you don't need to be a bit too emotional. "The two weeks helped for sure, you can see it. Will it never happen again? I don't know, but I am pretty sure nothing will happen in the next game."

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