Spurs close Liverpool gap for Premier League points won from behind after NLD equalisers

Ange Postecoglou Tottenham Credit: Alamy
Ange Postecoglou Tottenham Credit: Alamy

One of our absolute favourite stats, this. Very simple: how many points each team has won after falling behind. We love it because being near the top of this list is both good and bad; good because you’re overturning deficits, bad because you keep facing deficits.

It’s not a perfect indicator, but generally speaking the nearer the team is to the top of this list the more fun they are to watch. A current top three of Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal currently offers decent support for the hypothesis anyway.


20=) Wolves – 0 points
4 deficits, 4 defeats

Thrashed by Brighton, but will forever argue – and with some justification – that they should have had a late, late chance to get a point at Old Trafford from the penalty spot after Andre Onana’s pugilistic madness. Could definitely have got something out of a 3-2 defeat at Palace. Leading after a great first half at home to Liverpool, Gary O’Neil’s side could not deal with the Reds’ attacking prowess and lost again. Then they were made to cling on against Luton.


20=) Burnley – 0 points
4 deficits, 4 defeats

Finally played an away game and did get their only Premier League point so far from it, but foolishly took the lead against Nottingham Forest. Manchester City, Aston Villa, Spurs and Manchester United have all done the same without relinquishing it at Turf Moor.


18) Newcastle United – 0 points
3 deficits, 3 defeats

Not ideal when world domination is the name of the game. Took Newcastle 29 games to suffer a third league defeat last season, but got there in four games this time around.


17) West Ham – 0 points
2 deficits, 2 defeats

West Ham did well to match Manchester City as the only side not to go behind. That was the case until they went behind to the champions on matchday five. They went ahead on the day, so all 20 teams have now been behind at some point this season. Then they went behind to Liverpool, brought it back to 1-1 and still lost 3-1.


16) Sheffield United – 1 point
6 deficits, 1 draw, 5 defeats

They got off the mark with a point against Everton in a game they trailed 1-0 and led 2-1.


14=) Everton – 1 point
5 deficits, 1 draw, 4 defeats

They got off the mark with a point at Sheffield United in a game they led 1-0 and trailed 2-1.


14=) Luton – 1 point
5 deficits, 1 draw, 4 defeats

Nearly got something off West Ham and picked up their first point of the season by coming from behind to draw at home to Wolves.


12=) Nottingham Forest – 1 point
4 deficits, 1 draw, 3 defeats

Had a decent go at Arsenal, spaffed a huge opportunity against Man United. Have beaten Sheffield United and Chelsea, though. So that’s alright. Now picked up a point v Burnley from behind.


12=) Chelsea – 1 point
4 deficits, 1 draw, 3 defeats

Fighting back to get a point from a goal down against Liverpool: quite good. Getting the runaround from David Moyes’ 10-man West Ham or losing at home to Nottingham Forest or being beaten at home by Villa: not good.


10=) Fulham – 1 point
3 deficits, 1 draw, 2 defeats

Led early and trailed late at the Emirates before emerging with a commendable draw that definitely belongs in the “one point gained” pile rather than “two points lost”.


10=) Crystal Palace – 1 point
3 deficits, 1 draw, 2 defeats

Last year’s scrambling champions got themselves the now traditional, some would say inevitable, draw against Brentford because that’s what these two do. Left it until the 76th minute to get the equaliser, but it was never in any doubt whatsoever. Couldn’t find one against Arsenal and blew a late lead to lose at Aston Villa, though.


9) Bournemouth – 2 points
5 deficits, 2 draws, 3 defeats

That opening-day draw against West Ham looks better and better in hindsight, while defeats against Liverpool, Spurs and Brighton shouldn’t be enough to undermine the quite exciting things Andoni Iraola is trying to implement at the Vitality just yet.


8) Brentford – 2 points
4 deficits, 2 draws, 2 defeats

No longer unbeaten after losing at Newcastle and criminally at home to Everton but have had two games in which they’ve both led and trailed ultimately end all-square.


7) Manchester United – 3 points
4 deficits, 1 win, 3 defeats

One of only two teams to turn a deficit into a victory in the first three rounds of games. It’s one way to make the best of falling 2-0 down inside four minutes at home to Nottingham Forest, we suppose, but it’s not really a policy we’d necessarily encourage others to follow. Never remotely looked like overturning the deficit at Tottenham, which arguably is a more meaningful pointer for United’s season as a whole, gave precious little time to do so at Arsenal, and were battered by Brighton at home.


6) Aston Villa – 3 points
3 deficits, 1 win, 2 defeats

Twice they’ve fallen behind and gone on to lose heavily. Twice they’ve gone in front and gone on to win heavily. Thankfully Villa did something by coming from behind to beat Crystal Palace, so that’s fun.


5) Brighton – 3 points
2 deficits, 1 win, 1 defeat

After getting thoroughly Moyes’d a few weeks previous, Brighton showed no lingering scars as they put Bournemouth down despite Dominic Solanke’s opener.


4) Manchester City – 3 points
1 deficit, 1 win

They are inevitable.

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3) Arsenal – 4 points
2 deficits, 1 win, 1 draw

Trailed for barely a minute against United before leaving it late to snaffle all three points in the latest blockbuster instalment of that particular rivalry. Presumably mildly less chuffed to emerge from the 2-2 draw with Fulham having ‘won’ a point in this feature but lost two in its cousin.


2) Tottenham – 8 points
4 deficits, 2 wins, 2 draws

Slightly sloppy in allowing an early 1-0 lead at Brentford to become a 2-1 deficit but they were more than worth the point they ultimately left with and punished Burnley severely for their temerity in scoring an early opening goal. After two weeks off, Spurs made it back-to-back wins from behind when they beat Sheffield United 2-1 in truly absurd style, before equalising twice in a mad 2-2 draw with Arsenal. Already feels like Angeball is the very ideal kind of thing for this metric.


1) Liverpool – 9 points
3 deficits, 3 wins

Mentality monsters and chaos merchants. An absolutely magnificent combination personified spectacularly by Darwin Nunez. To put their start to the season in some form of perspective, they won only three games from behind all last season. And that’s actually a fairly decent return: only Palace, Arsenal, Spurs and weirdly Bournemouth did it more often. Three wins from behind in six matches represents outstanding work in the field of chaotic nonsense.

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