Liverpool targeting ‘next Bruno Fernandes’ after making mystery Mac Allister bid

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with Bruno Fernandes inset Credit: Alamy
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp with Bruno Fernandes inset Credit: Alamy

With Alexis Mac Allister on his way in the summer transfer window, Liverpool are looking to partner the Brighton midfielder with ‘the next Bruno Fernandes’.


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Go fourth and prosper
‘It leaves United clinging on to fourth place and the final Champions League qualification spot’ – Mark Irwin, The Sun.

‘And defeat was such a bitter pill for Manchester United who might just be getting a bit twitchy about their top-four place… Liverpool are closing in’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror.

‘Now United’s Premier League season is in danger of collapsing at the final hurdle. Liverpool are breathing down their necks’ – Samuel Luckhurst, Manchester Evening News.

Man Utd remain four points ahead of Liverpool with a game in hand, and eight points clear of Brighton with the Seagulls having played a game more. Defeat was not ideal but they are still in firm control of fourth place.


You and me got a whole lot of history
There is a weird trend of trying to paint Brighton v Man Utd as a sort of grudge match.

‘The tackles were flying in, there is too much history between these two teams for there not to be an edge and yet it was Brighton’s raucous fans who deserved their celebrations at the end’ – John Cross, Daily Mirror.

Are we seriously going to pretend Alexis Mac Allister was fuelled by vengeful thoughts of the 1983 FA Cup final? Can there be ‘too much history between’ teams who have only played against each other 15 times in the last 30 years, and 31 times overall?

‘Brighton’s 4-0 win over United at the Amex Stadium a year ago ensured that the Lancashire club could not qualify for the Champions League so when it came to motivation, United were probably simmering the more ferociously and they started like a team on a mission, with Antony’s early effort only narrowly off target’ – Alyson Rudd, The Times.

Four players started both the 4-0 defeat and 1-0 loss. Man Utd even had a different manager. And they finished last season 13 points off fourth place, drawing one and losing four of their last six games. They weren’t qualifying for the Champions League whether they beat Brighton or not.

Plus the Seagulls ‘were probably simmering the more ferociously’, what with having lost the FA Cup semi-final to the same opponent 11 days prior.

Brighton players celebrate their winning goal against Man Utd Credit: Alamy
Brighton players celebrate their winning goal against Man Utd Credit: Alamy


Shaw thing
The Daily Mirror website know precisely what they’re doing with a headline of ‘Luke Shaw points finger at Man Utd team-mates over mistake that cost them at Brighton,’ considering it was very obviously his error which specifically cost them at Brighton.

They want clicks from incredulous Man Utd supporters furious at the idea that Shaw might have tried to shift the blame for the defeat.

And while the defender did declare that “we know the problem: the problem is we don’t score,” he also definitely said “it comes down to my mistake at the end” and “it’s disappointing I lost us a point”. So at least as many fingers were pointed in his own direction as elsewhere.


Messi business
So Man Utd are ‘clinging on’ but still very much on course for Champions League football. And Andy Dunn of the Daily Mirror knows just what to spend the subsequent windfall on.

‘Considering Manchester United are reported to have some sort of ‘Ronaldo Rule’ that will prevent any one player earning considerably more than anyone else, the chances of Lionel Messi rocking up at Old Trafford would appear to be slim and none,’ he says, rubbing two random sticks together in the forlorn hope of starting a transfer fire.

Do these ‘slim and none’ chances prevent Dunn from writing an entire article about how Man Utd should ‘move mountains’ to sign Messi? Absolutely not.

He concedes it is ‘wishful thinking’ and ‘the notion of a sporting romantic’, but Dunn wants ‘one last challenge’ for Messi at Old Trafford.

The case for the player is made, with mention of playing regular elite football ahead of the 2026 World Cup and how Messi would be able to prove he is still ‘a dominant force in European club football’ at Man Utd.

Whether that would be enough to tempt him not to make an emotional return to Barcelona or safeguard the next 427 generations of his family by moving to the Saudi Pro League is not made clear.

But why should Man Utd entertain any deal when, as Dunn says, ‘there are, quite clearly, many reasons’ they shouldn’t, ranging from uncertainty over the club’s ownership to recent difficulties integrating a mega star on mega money in his mid-30s?

Because ‘if they really do have claims to be the biggest club in the world’ then they have to pursue a ‘once-in-a-lifetime talent’ and sod the numerous ramifications.

Big club must be in running to sign big player because reasons. Andy Dunn for Man Utd sporting director.


We don’t talk about the next Bruno
How does one segue seamlessly from Messi to Bruno Fernandes? Ask Rio Ferdinand.

And, as it happens, the Daily Express website, who really are enjoying themselves with a headline of ‘Liverpool eyeing their own Bruno Fernandes to partner Mac Allister in revamped midfield’.

With unlimited guesses Mediawatch is confident that you, dear reader, would never guess who ‘the next Bruno Fernandes’ is. Not a chance.

It is, of course, Joao Palhinha. Someone 10 months younger than, just as Portuguese as and who plays a completely different role to the player he is a ‘next’ version of.

But apparently Palhinha ‘has had comparisons drawn with the Man Utd sensation’, to which absolutely no-one but the Daily Express website has been privy to. A quick search for “the next Bruno Fernandes” and Palhinha comes up with absolutely nothing because it isn’t a thing and never has been.

The best bit is that the entire story is based on a MailOnline exclusive from March 12. It took them 54 days to recycle that into this utter nonsense.


Mac the knife
Fair play to the Liverpool Echo for sticking this top of their website…

‘Liverpool news and transfers LIVE – Alexis Mac Allister bid, Antonio Rudiger links, new kit launch’

…and not once mentioning an actual Alexis Mac Allister bid. Because there hasn’t an Alexis Mac Allister bid.


Non sequitur of the day
‘Romeo left out of Brentford squad after sharing intimate snaps with girlfriend’ – The Sun website.

Beckham was indeed absent from Brentford B’s squad, and it was technically ‘after sharing intimate snaps with girlfriend’. But that very obviously had nothing to do with it considering he was ill.


Talent show
‘From signing Galaticos to Golden Boy nominees, Jude Bellingham is the latest example of a clear shift in Real Madrid’s transfer strategy under master talent-spotter Juni Calafat’ – MailOnline.

How indeed has this fella unearthed gems like Jude Bellingham?

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