‘Get Liverpool the title & start next season at Xmas’ – Aldridge stunned by calls to cull 2019-20


Liverpool need to get “what they deserve” when it comes to the Premier League title, says John Aldridge, with it “wrong” to suggest that the 2019-20 should be written off when next season could be started at Christmas.

Uncertainty continues to reign when it comes to fixture schedules in the current campaign.

With competitive football having shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic, it remains unclear when action around the world will resume.

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The intention of those calling the shots is to get fixture lists completed, allowing trophies to be handed out and debates regarding movement up and down to be ended.

It has, however, been claimed that efforts to this point could also be declared null and void, with those involved able to start from scratch whenever 2020-21 is cleared to get underway.

Former Liverpool striker Aldridge is stunned by those leading that call, with it his opinion that that format of future campaigns can be tinkered with in order to get the game back on track.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “Hopefully Liverpool get exactly what they deserve this season and that is the Premier League title.

“People talk about how this league season won't get finished, but it has to. Next year's league shouldn't start if this one cannot finish.

“What is the point? What is the point in starting a season and scrapping it 75 per cent of the way through?

“Forget about next year's competition. What has been started simply has to finish. Whether that is two, three, four months down the line, it just has to finish.

“Next season is the one that can be retracted or reformed for whatever reason. If it starts at Christmas, for example, then split it in half and have the top half compete for the title or Europe.

“The bottom half will be forced to battle for survival. You just can't stop a season without a conclusion. Anyone suggesting it can is wrong.

“I cannot believe that it has even been suggested.”

Mohamed Salah Liverpool
Mohamed Salah Liverpool

Aldridge added: “This season now cannot be impacted any more than it has already. Leeds United or West Brom, for example, try telling those two great clubs that they cannot come up to the Premier League.

“It is worth too much money to these clubs and they deserve the chance to try and finish it off to get back into the top flight.

“People are still talking about voiding the season, I just cannot understand that. As I say, get the world back on track and then complete the season.

“Cancelling three-quarters of a season to start a fresh one is frankly ridiculous. It really is.

“It's not set in stone that every season has to begin in August. These are unprecedented times and it should be amended to suit the season that is already being played out.

“Next season can start when it is permitted, everyone begins afresh at the same time and it's all on a level playing field.

“This season that is here now, it needs finishing. Hopefully, common sense will prevail.”

Liverpool sat 25 points clear at the top of the Premier League table when a period of indefinite postponement was implemented, with Jurgen Klopp’s side just two victories away from securing a first English top-flight crown in 30 years.

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