Everton take bragging rights in WSL Merseyside derby at Anfield

Everton take bragging rights in WSL Merseyside derby at Anfield - GETTY IMAGES
Everton take bragging rights in WSL Merseyside derby at Anfield - GETTY IMAGES
  • Finnigan heads visitors into lead inside first 10 minutes

  • Park stars for Everton with goal and assist

  • Crowd of 27,574 witness Merseyside derby at Anfield

Everton turned on the style to overshadow Merseyside rivals Liverpool on their big night at Anfield and pick up their first Women's Super League win of the season.

Defender Megan Finnigan gave Everton an early advantage when she headed past goalkeeper Rachael Laws.

Everton were dominant and made it 2-0 when Jess Park coolly shifted the ball on to her left foot, shimmed past the keeper and slid it into the corner. A memorable night for the visitors was rounded off by substitute Hanna Bennison, who added a third goal late on.

The derby was played out in front of 27,574, a record crowd for a WSL game at Anfield. Liverpool had beaten champions Chelsea in a major opening-weekend upset, but they themselves were upstaged by their local rivals with Everton emerging deserving winners.

It was a first victory for new manager Brian Sorensen and the sold-out away section of the crowd celebrated wildly at full-time.

The 27,574 in attendance beat the previous record set in the last meeting in 2019 when 23,500 watched Everton win 1-0.

The game was marred by three incidents of pitch invasions from several members of the crowd with the players showing visible signs of frustration.

Everton were  on top for most of the first half and though the hosts improved after the break, they rarely tested goalkeeper Courtney Brosnan.

Striker Katie Stengel and midfielder Ceri Holland missed big chances for Liverpool in the first half but Everton could also have extended their lead when Katja Snoeijs poked wide from close range.

The visitors' defender Gabby George also headed a corner over the bar in the opening six minutes, while Finnigan stung the fingers of Laws with a long-range strike shortly before breaking the deadlock.

Everton went 2-0 up just as Liverpool had started to find their shape. Stengel's missed chance minutes before Park doubled Everton's lead was a significant moment and the Liverpool striker was at fault for giving the ball away needlessly in the build-up to the second goal.

Liverpool came close to giving themselves a lifeline late on when substitute Yana Daniels volleyed straight at goalkeeper Brosnan, before Stengel stretched to head over the bar from close range before Bennison supplied the finishing touch to Everton's famous win.

Park, Everton's player of the match, said: "The manager has told me he wants me to be free in the final third. That's when I am best - playing freely. Finding spaces, having fun and just being free."

On her goal, she added: "I was just calm. I knew where the players were around me and thought I would just pull the ball back across goal, had a go and it went in. I tried that in training and messed it up."

Everton 3-0 Liverpool: as it happened

09:04 PM

Brian Sorensen speaks to Sky Sports

[I'm] really happy. I think the girls did exactly what we've been training on. In a game like this, they kept their coolness and calmness.

We want to be aggressive, our pressure was really good today, and with the ball, be calm and composed.

09:00 PM

Incredible support

From 27,574 supporters at Anfield. 3,000 of those are very, very happy right now.

liverpool wsl 2022 - Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC
liverpool wsl 2022 - Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC

08:57 PM

Park speaks to Sky Sports

On her goal, her first in the WSL:

I knew where the players were and where they were tracking, and I thought I'd [...] have a go.

I took it in for a moment, but it's a brillant atmosphere. I don't think you can really take it in, in the moment.

On advice from manager Sorensen:

He's told me he wants me to be free in the final third, and that's where I'm best - playing freely.

I've got to work hard in training [to start every week]. There's a lot of good girls in this team, but hopefully I'll play.

What she thought about the Everton support this evening:

[It's] too much, too much: I can't even put into words.

jess park - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images
jess park - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

08:45 PM

Jess Park, player of the match

On loan from Manchester City, Park looked ferocious every minute she was on the pitch. A future England prospect, her role in two of Everton's goals quietened the mood at Anfield.

08:42 PM

Full time: Liverpool 0-3 Everton

A resounding win as Everton take all three points from the Merseyside derby. Sorensen's side were stacked with quality, and Liverpool never really had a look in.

bennison - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images
bennison - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

08:39 PM

90 +6 min: Liverpool 0-3 Everton

Veje crashes into a Liverpool player, gifting them a free kick from just over the halfway line. On the attack, Furness again sends in a great cross which Daniels at the far post gets her boot to, but Brosnan saves.

Stengel has a chance at the near post now, Liverpool throwing everything at Everton in these final moments.

08:37 PM

90+3 min: Liverpool 0-3 Everton

Daniels goes sprinting in, still looking to ruin Everton's clean sheet, and Furness on the left is set up with another shot on goal. No luck, however.

Liverpool have the rhythm now, going for another run into the box, but the attempt is underpowered and drifts wide.

08:34 PM

89 min: Liverpool 0-3 Everton

Another intruder, who is loudly booed. As he moves past the stewards, he's rugby-tackled by one. This is intensely irritating for both the players, and the spectators, who only cheer when he goes down like a ton of bricks.

Liverpool win a free kick, which Furness picks up to strike at goal, but Brosnan gets the save. After the corner, Brosnan palms it and fumbles it. Finnigan is fouled in the melee, and the referee's whistle blows before anything more dangerous can happen.

7 minutes of added time, likely due to the intrusions.

08:31 PM

87 min: GOAL! Liverpool 0-3 Everton

Play takes some time to restart after Sevecke goes down after that collision, but when Brosnan sends the ball upfield, Liverpool seize the moment to go again, with Roberts and Daniels, both off the bench, looking to pick through the Everton defence.

But on the counter, Everton are able to find space, the ball falling to the ever-dangerous Park. Sprinting to collect the ball Gio takes off a Liverpool player, she runs to set up Bennison, who plays coolly into the back of the net!

Has this sealed it for the visitors? It must have.

Hanna Bennison on target for the Toffees - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection
Hanna Bennison on target for the Toffees - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection

08:28 PM

84 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Wardlaw takes this corner, and it travels nicely, but Everton lock up and defend well. When Laws plays a long ball up the field, Daniels goes looking to bypass Sevecke, again defending well.

Big chance for Liverpool! Stengel goes to head the ball in, but there's a fracas, and a collision of heads between Holland and Sevecke. The ball jumps over Brosnan's head, but Finnigan and George team up to keep the ball out until their keeper can gather it up.

08:25 PM

81 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Park was kept out by Holland there, on her latest run, and Liverpool look lively now, making their way up the pitch before winning a well-positioned free kick. Unfortunately, their momentum is paused by a pitch invasion, which halts play for a few moments. After they're strong-armed down the tunnel, Hinds can take the free kick.

It's badly-timed, falling easily to Galli on the edge of the wall, but the clearance isn't perfect either, the ball heading out for a Liverpool corner. Campbell takes it and Brosnan gets her gloves to it. Another corner.

08:22 PM

79 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Sevecke sees off Daniels, questing for the ball, but Everton holds possession at the back well, as they look to mount another attack. Park comes in from the right with a promising, curving run, and Gio is waiting in the middle of the box, but Liverpool get behind the play, with Fahey shutting down Park's run.

Now George picks up the ball on the left, playing across the middle of the pitch to Bennison, who sets up Park. Liverpool are clogging up their half well, as Everton look closer and closer to their third.

08:19 PM

76 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Gio collects a loose ball delicately on the edge of the box, looking to sneak past Fahey, who clings to her. Running out to reposition, Gio brings in the ball from the right of the box, prompting Laws to make the save. She carries it over the line, which prompts much protest from Laws, but it's an Everton corner.

First yellow card for Liverpool after the ball moves up the pitch, Flaherty lashing out having been nutmegged by a sneaky Bennison.

08:17 PM

74 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Furness goes on the run through the middle of the pack, troubling Finnigan, and later attempts to break through the left. Finnigan again defends well, the ball out for another Campbell throw-in.

The ball falls with Furness, and she aims for goal. Brosnan leaps to make the save, her first major save of the match.

08:15 PM

72 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

A long throw from Campbell high up by the Everton goal is picked up by Hinds, who springs forward looking to snake into the box. But Everton defend well, and look to do the same with the ensuing Liverpool corner.

Two more Liverpool changes, Wardlaw on for Lawley, and Roberts on for Koivisto.

08:13 PM

70 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Everton get a throw-in high on the left by the Liverpool goal, and George, collecting the ball, passes to Galli. Bennison resets to George, but she overpowers her play, and the ball travels out for a Liverpool throw-in.

Everton retake the ball, and Park is set up for a full-throated shot at goal, but Laws makes the save with relative ease.

08:11 PM

68 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Graham is set up with a well-placed long pass on the left, but she suffers with a lack of support, and Everton push the ball back before looking for another way in. She attempts to pick up another cross out to the left, but the ball slides out for a throw-in.

08:09 PM

66 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Holland goes down injured, and two physios run on to the pitch to give her treatment for a hip problem. She goes down with no one around her, overstretching, and she might possibly slip. It looks like an awkward, painful fall.

08:08 PM

64 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Bennison plays through the midfield to George, who is challenged by Furness. Although Everton gain the advantage, Liverpool, looking fierier, go for the break, and an attacking run. Furness is shut down quickly, however, as Everton bring Liverpool under control and continue to impose their rhythm on the match.

08:05 PM

62 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Another long throw from Campbell, and this time, Finnigan plays it out for a Liverpool corner in front of the Kop.

The corner is nicely placed, but Park heads the ball away from danger to set up a running Christiansen. Hinds floors her run, however, tossing her to the ground for an Everton free kick.

Before it's taken, two Everton substitutes: Bennison coming on for Christiansen, and Gio on for Snoeijs.

Megan Campbell is a long throw-in specialist - Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC
Megan Campbell is a long throw-in specialist - Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC

08:03 PM

60 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Playing out from the back again, Stengel looks for space coming in from the right. When she can't find an outlet, Liverpool set up Hinds, who runs through on the left to try and snake her way into the box. Everton defenders are all over her, however.

08:02 PM

58 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Everton enjoy a quieter spell of possession, until Park, tracking back, is muscled down by Furness, stymying the run, but giving Everton the advantage. When Liverpool win back the ball, Furness streaks through the field, looking for attacking options. Daniels collects the ball on the left of goal, and strikes, but the ball lands in the side netting.

07:59 PM

56 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

A shot free kick flies wide, before being crossed into the box. Snoeijs receives the dropped ball, and strikes for goal, but she's crowded and cannot quite get the shot away, for a simple save from Laws.

Up field, Campbell takes another throw-in, and this one has magnificent power, travelling well into the box and near the far post. No one can touch it to complete the display, however.

Substitution for Liverpool, Daniels on for Matthews.

07:57 PM

54 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Matthews gives away the ball to Graham, who immediately looks dangerous on the right edge of the box. Fahey defends well to push her back, but now it's Park looking for the breakthrough.

The ball crosses to the lefthanded attack, Veje tripping into the box, but Everton can't quite get clear.

Things get a little more pessimistic for Liverpool when Stengel tumbles Veje: Everton have a free kick, in a luscious-looking area.

07:55 PM

52 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

George on the left sends in an airy cross, looking for Snoeijs in the box. Snoeijs is kept under wraps by the Liverpool defence and can't quite get a touch off the well-weighted pass. Everton are again setting the tone, as they did in the first half, and keeping the pressure up for the home side.

07:54 PM

50 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Brosnan sends up a long ball from Everton's goal, but Liverpool can get on the end of it. Veje wins back possession, sending the ball long looking for Christiansen.

Snoeijs, in the end, is the player who can profit from Everton recapturing the ball, and she goes for a shot on the edge of the box, but Laws can fall easily on top of the shot.

07:52 PM

48 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

A huge run-up for Campbell again, and she sends the throw unbelievably long. In the box, players jump, but Everton defend nicely, and Graham can start another run up the right after Hinds has the ball taken off her. Graham crosses, but players in the box can't get a toe to the shot, and it rolls wide.

07:50 PM

46 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Hinds is caught up in a collision with Finnigan, both leaping for the ball. Both seem okay, and are back on their feet as play restarts. Liverpool start of the half with an attack, but Everton recapture possession. Veje is tumbled by Lawley, the ball falling out for an Everton throw.

07:48 PM

Second half: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

A change for Liverpool at half-time, Kearns off for Furness. Let's get underway at Anfield.

07:40 PM

Two pictures, two goals

Megan Finnigan's header from Everton's corner put Everton on the scoreboard - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection
Megan Finnigan's header from Everton's corner put Everton on the scoreboard - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection
Jess Park had ice in her veins in front of goal to skirt past Rachael Laws for Everton's second - Molly Darlington/Reuters
Jess Park had ice in her veins in front of goal to skirt past Rachael Laws for Everton's second - Molly Darlington/Reuters

07:33 PM

Park's ice-cold goal

07:32 PM

45 +2 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Another corner for Everton, which Veje runs up to take. It falls exactly, but Flaherty is able to clear it long for Everton, out of danger.

The whistle blows: a perfect start for Everton, and a lot to work on for Beard's side in the second half.

07:31 PM

45 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Liverpool look to get in the game just before half time, but when a cross flies into the box, there's no one there to do anything about it.

Campbell takes another long throw, but after it falls in the box, Everton defend it out well, with an immediate attacking response. Park goes on a blazing run, but can't make anything more off the ball.

Two minutes of extra time.

07:29 PM

43 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Everton come again, Snoeijs picking up an advantageous ball off a Liverpool player, and shimmying towards Liverpool's goal. On the edge of the box, she passes to Christiansen, who sends in a cross. Snoeijs can get a boot on it, but the ball goes just wide! Could have been a third for Everton.

Concerningly, Snoeijs has gone down. After her physio comes onto the pitch, they jog off together.

snoeijs everton wsl - Molly Darlington/Reuters
snoeijs everton wsl - Molly Darlington/Reuters

07:27 PM

41 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Campbell heads to the sideline for another of her lethal-looking long throws. The ball flies into the box, but Graham defends the quasi-corner well, heading the ball up the pitch.

Everton retake possession after a shaky period for the team, soundtracked by an increasingly lively Anfield crowd.

07:25 PM

39 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Christiansen turns, looking for a way in through the Liverpool defence, but is kept out by Fahey. Against the run of play, Liverpool break, looking for a way into the game, and win a corner after the ball comes off a blue shirt.

Kearns takes the corner, which Holland flicks on from the near post. Liverpool wrestle to keep the ball under control in the box, and Holland takes a gently curving shot on goal which just flies wide.

07:22 PM

37 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

A corner for Everton, this time taken by Veje, who twists in a left-footed flier. The ball falls to Galli, who goes for goal, whilst an under-pressure Liverpool defence fumble it away from goal. Veje gets another shot as Everton come again, which is bundled out for a corner, for her to take again.

07:20 PM

35 min: Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Certainly no more than Everton, and Park in particular, deserve, as Sorensen's side has had total control over this first half.

07:18 PM

33 min: GOAL! Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Park picks up a well-timed long ball, and she's away: cutting through the centre of the Liverpool half to glide in, with Matthews in her dust. She pauses, shifts passed a frozen Laws, and slides the ball into the back of the net.

Extremely classy.

jess park everton liverpool wsl - Emma Simpson/Everton FC
jess park everton liverpool wsl - Emma Simpson/Everton FC

07:17 PM

32 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Park draws the ball up the pitch, before setting up Christiansen in the middle of Liverpool's half. Everton are buzzing around the Liverpool box, searching for a way in. George runs in from the left, trying to find that space, but play is pushed back as Everton hold on to possession.

07:15 PM

30 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Brosnan sprints out of her goal to pick up a loose ball which Stengel looks hungry for. When Brosnan rolls it out from the back, Stengel continues to test her for a slip up.

At the halfway line, Liverpool retake possession, but the ball falls wastefully with Veje, before she takes an Everton throw-in.

07:13 PM

28 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Stengel's shot may have emboldened Liverpool, who have looked feistier in the last five minutes. But a long ball up the field to Park shuts down the question of shifted momentum, as Everton look to prepare another attack in from the right.

07:12 PM

26 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Everton profit from a Graham throw-in, and again hold on to possession. But there's a terrific take from Stengel, who powers through the midfield to win the ball, before running towards goal, but she's too slow, considering whether to shoot or pass the ball off in front of the box. She shoots - eventually - but it flies over the bar.

Stengel has another attempt, this time to set up Hinds, but Brosnan can take the ball back under her control with little fuss.

07:09 PM

24 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Park goes on a terrific run off a shot from Christiansen, pulling the ball through three defenders, but she's muscled out, with Laws taking up the goal kick. There's a challenge at the start of the passage, with Fahey bringing an Everton player to ground, but minimal consequences.

07:08 PM

22 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Liverpool defend the corner out, but still haven't found their rhythm in the game, as the ball once again is scooped up by Everton. Things have more than gone to plan for Sorensen's side in the opening 20 minutes.

Liverpool takes up possession, with Campbell looking to play in from the left, but when she finds difficulty, Liverpool tries the right, with Koivisto picking up a long ball. The ball floats across the goal mouth and is defended out for a throw-in.

Campbell takes an almighty long throw, which flies into the box, but Everton defend the attempt out of play, the ball coming off Stengel for a goal kick.

07:05 PM

19 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Christiansen sets up another positive run into the box from the left, Everton giving Liverpool no let up. Veje takes up the ball and dribbles from the middle of the Liverpool half, bypassing Liverpool defenders to get the shot off. The shot is too weak to make serious noise, but it's well-aimed, and Laws gets a finger to it for a corner.

07:03 PM

17 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Snoeijs heads into the box to go for goal, but her shot gets a deflection before being comfortably saved by Laws. Everton have more than the lion's share of the attacking power at the moment, and they come again, Park receiving a good pass on the right. Liverpool stop the onslaught when the ball skids out for a throw-in.

07:01 PM

15 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Park is really putting Campbell under the cosh, and as she heads towards the box, their tussle sends the ball out of play for a Liverpool goal kick.

When Liverpool launch their next attack, Finnigan manages to poke the ball through the red midfield, taking back possession to keep the ball out of harm's way.

06:58 PM

13 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

But Anfield roars as Liverpool mount an attack on the counter now, Koivisto running down the right to try and put the Everton defence under pressure. Pushed back, Liverpool look to hold position for period of play, but a dancing Park sneaks the ball back on the left wing, to set up another Everton run.

06:57 PM

11 min: Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Excellently timed from Finnigan, who won the corner in the first place. Everton are all over the pitch now, and as Sorensen wished for before the match, they've quietened the crowd.

06:55 PM

9 min: GOAL! Liverpool 0-1 Everton

Graham with the throw-in, and under pressure from Liverpool, the ball heads back to the Everton half. Kearns gets an opportunity to mount a Liverpool attack through the middle, but she misplays the pass.

Taking up the counter, the ball heads up the field for Finnigan to drive a long shot towards Laws' goal, but it's saved for a corner.

This time it comes off! Park sends the ball lilting into the box to strike an Everton head, before being driven down and into goal by Finnigan.

06:52 PM

7 min: Liverpool 0-0 Everton

Again, Graham slides through the pitch, looking for Park, who goes in with her eye on the box from the right. She's dealt with by Campbell, who ushers the ball out for a corner.

Park takes it, and things look promising after Veje delivers a cross across the box. There are Everton players looking to get a head to the ball, and Snoeijs has the best attempt, but the ball goes over the cross bar to settle in the top netting.

06:50 PM

5 min: Liverpool 0-0 Everton

A promising free kick for Everton, Christiansen taking it into the box, and Liverpool struggle to deal with it. When Everton go again, this time with a looping volley from Snoeijs, Laws can gather up the ball.

Not the right angle for Snoeijs, in the end. Graham goes on the run now, connecting with Park on the right, but she's kept well back by the Liverpool defence.

06:48 PM

3 min: Liverpool 0-0 Everton

Liverpool overturn possession, sending the ball back for Laws, the club's player of the season last year. Everton retake possession - as intended - waiting to make their move into attack.

Koivisto takes a throw-in in the Liverpool half, but possession once again falls for Everton. They go for attack, Graham cutting through the middle, but she's quickly brought down by Holland.

06:46 PM

1 min: Liverpool 0-0 Everton

Everton kick off, and paddle the ball around before sending it up the field, looking for Christiansen. She can't find a way through, so Park on the right wing attempts a breakthrough instead.

06:45 PM


The familiar sound of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' ebbs away, the whistle blows, and we're underway at Anfield.

06:42 PM

They players stream out of the tunnel

And the fans raise the proverbial roof. Only a few minutes to go until kick-off.

06:41 PM

An electric mood at Anfield

There have been some 32,000 tickets sold for tonight's derby. There's a overflowing away stand too, but if Liverpool are able to harness the crowd's energy, it could be a tough night for Everton.

06:38 PM

Christiansen, back in the side

Christiansen, Everton's captain this evening, is back in the starting XI after starting on the bench against West Ham. She's one of the "dynamic" attacking players that Sorensen mentioned in his pre-match which he hopes will change the game. Can she prove the difference in a difficult derby?

Izzy Christiansen will start at Anfield - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection 
Izzy Christiansen will start at Anfield - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection

06:32 PM

Brian Sorensen is up next on Sky Sports

I'm really excited, playing in this iconic stadium, and all the fans that are here today, I'm really looking forward to it

It's important game, it's a derby, we also need the win, after last week's result.

We're super focused.

Hopefully we can gain control, that's our game plan, and hopefully [we can] shut the spectators down.

In pre-season, we've been very dynamic, creating a lot of chances, so we need to see that from the players today.

[Liverpool] will come, like they did against Chelsea, and hopefully we can use some of the space behind them.

06:21 PM

Matt Beard speaks to Sky Sports

On playing at Anfield:

It's a great occasion, it's great to play here.

On preparing for today's match:

[After looking at Everton against West Ham] we feel we wanted a naturally left-footed winger, a naturally right-footed winger, so we can get down both sides.

It's a blow to lose leanne for such a long time, but we've got a squad for a reason, and hopefully what we've set up works.

We've had to adapt [since Chelsea] because Everton play a different system. What we don't want to do is be chasing around.

We want to try and hit them on the counter if we can.

06:15 PM

Atmosphere building at Anfield

liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection
liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Alex Livesey/The FA Collection
liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images
liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images
liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images
liverpool everton 2022 wsl - Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

06:13 PM

And the Everton starting XI

Brosnan (GK), Veje, Sevecke, Bjorn, George, Christiansen (c), Park, Graham, Finnigan, Galli, Snoeijs

Substitutes: Ramsey, Bennison, Gio, Maier, Weir, Stenevik, K. Holmgaard

06:05 PM

How Liverpool will line-up this evening

Laws (GK), Koivisto, Flaherty, Fahey (c), Matthews, Campbell, Kearns, Holland, Hinds, Lawley, Stengel

Substitutes: Cumings, Kirby, Robe, Roberts, Furness, Humphrey, Daniels, Wardlaw, Silcock

Liverpool's attack will be without Leanne Kiernan, who will undergo surgery following an ankle injury sustained against Chelsea, and new Dutch signing Shanice van de Sanden, who sustained an achilles injury ahead of the season opener and will be sidelined until later next month.

02:03 PM

Good afternoon

Hello and welcome to Telegraph Sport's coverage of Liverpool versus Everton at Anfield.

Today's Merseyside derby marks the first time Liverpool have played at Anfield since November 2019, and riding high off a shock win against defending champions Chelsea last weekend, Matt Beard's side will look to keep a cool head against their local rivals.

"It's a different occasion playing at Anfield - that's going to put added pressure onto us a little bit, but then also Everton - they're coming to one of the most iconic stadiums in football," Beard said in a press conference on Friday.

"It's a Merseyside derby. There will be a bit of pressure on both teams.

"We've just go to concentrate on ourselves. Once the whistle goes, and they cross that white line, I've got every faith and confidence in the group that we can put in a good performance and work like we did [against Chelsea]."

Everton come into today's derby with no such striking start to the season, having lost away from home to West Ham, but forward Izzy Christiansen has praised a developing positive mentality within the club as a whole.

Christiansen spoke to ITV, saying: "A huge amount of credit needs to be given to Frank Lampard and his staff.

"They've really increased the mood around the club. There's a real connection between the men's and women's teams. A real integration.

"Encouraging each other and acknowledging our weekend's results: those are the building blocks."

Everton have won the last two match-ups between the teams, last claiming victory to send Liverpool down to the Championship, but fresh off their promotion, Liverpool have been started the Super League season with a point to praise. Can they take the spoils in front of a 20,000-strong Anfield crowd?

Kick-off is at 5.30pm, and ahead of this, we'll be bringing you team news and live updates, and all the latest reaction post-match too.