When can Liverpool win the Premier League this season?

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After making the best-ever start to a season by a club in Europe’s top five leagues in 2019-20, Liverpool were on a relentless march towards the Premier League title.

But Jurgen Klopp's side were struck a cruel blow by the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, with real concerns that the Premier League could be cancelled early.

Luckily for the Reds and their supporters, who are hoping to end decades of disappointment, the Premier League restarted in June after three months of no games, meaning the fight continues for silverware.

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But when can Liverpool actually win the league? Goal takes a look.

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  1. When can Liverpool win the Premier League?

  2. What are Liverpool's remaining fixtures?

  3. Who is the fastest side to win the Premier League title?

When can Liverpool win the Premier League?

Liverpool need six more points to secure the Premier League title, which translates into two wins. Alternatively, a Liverpool win and a loss for Manchester City will be sufficient.

Should the Reds beat Everton in the Merseyside derby on June 21, they have a chance to win the title at Anfield on June 24 when they play Crystal Palace.

They could also be crowned champions on June 22 if they beat Everton and Man City lose their game against Burnley.

Manchester United's title-winning 2001 Premier League victory on April 14, 2001 with five games to spare is the fastest in the competition's history.

Due to postponements, Liverpool cannot now beat Manchester United's record, but they can still win the title with more games to spare.

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What are Liverpool's remaining fixtures?



June 21

Everton vs Liverpool

June 24

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

July 2

Manchester City vs Liverpool

July 5

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

July 8

Brighton vs Liverpool

July 11

Liverpool vs Burnley

July 15

Arsenal vs Liverpool

July 18

Liverpool vs Chelsea

July 26

Newcastle United vs Liverpool

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Who is the fastest side to win the Premier League title?

Manchester United hold the record for the fastest team to win the Premier League. They won the 2000-01 Premier League title on April 14, 2001 with five games left to play.



Date of Title Win

Games Left


Manchester United

April 14, 2001



Manchester City

April 15, 2018



Manchester United

April 22, 2000




April 25, 2004



Manchester United

April 22, 2013


Pep Guardiola's 'Centurion' squad won the 2017-18 Premier League title with five games left to spare as well. They missed the opportunity to surpass the record set by their city rivals when they lost the Manchester derby in April 3-2.

The Red Devils, too, won the 2000 Premier League in esteemed fashion, with four games to play.

Arsenal’s Invincibles also won with four games to spare, racking up 90 points in the 2003-04 season to become the first and only side to be crowned Premier League champions without losing a single game.

Man Utd clinched the 2013 title once again with four extra when they sealed the title after defeating Aston Villa on April 28.

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