Who are Logan Paul and KSI? How the YouTubers got into boxing, grew subscribers & net worth into the millions

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KSI and Logan Paul are set to wage war again at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Saturday.

Join DAZN to watch Logan Paul vs. KSI live on Nov. 9

A little over a year ago, the two big-talking internet personalities fought to a unanimous draw in Manchester in an amateur bout.

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This time, the warring duo are going at it again but this time in the professional ranks, with Matchroom and DAZN putting the event on PPV.

But just who exactly are KSI and Logan Paul? Omnisport has dug a little deeper to provide profiles on the YouTube stars.

Who is KSI?

KSI, real name Olajide William Olatunji, shot to prominence through his online videos. Originally, KSI grew his following by uploading videos of himself playing the EA Sports franchise game FIFA.

As his profile grew, KSI ventured into other projects — most notably releasing rap tracks and a clothing range.

How many subscribers does KSI have?

KSI has an astonishing 20.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, while 5.1 million follow his Twitter account and 6.7m his Instagram page.

What does KSI stand for?

The KSI moniker means "Knowledge, Strength, Integrity" — three words he has tattooed on his arm. He made a video of him getting the ink, in which he apologises to his mum.

How did KSI get involved in boxing?

KSI fought for the first time in an amateur bout against fellow YouTube star Joe Weller in February 2018.

That came around after Weller called out KSI following victory in his first amateur bout. After winning the fight, KSI was awarded the YouTube Boxing Championship.

Who is Logan Paul?

Paul first became an online personality through his work on now defunct video service Vine. He later moved to YouTube and Facebook and now is a vlogger.

How many subscribers does Logan Paul have?

His Logan Paul Vlogs channel has 19.9 million subscribers, while a further 1.78 million subscribe to his Impaulsive podcast YouTube page. He has 16.4 million and 5.1 million followers on his respective Instagram and Twitter pages.

Has he been involved with other ventures?

He most certainly has. As well as his strong online game, Paul has produced music videos and podcasts, while he has also dabbled in some acting.

How did he Logan Paul get involved in boxing?

Technically, it was KSI who fired the first shot when he called out Paul following his win over Weller. The confident American answered the call.

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