Logan Paul net worth: How much does YouTuber earn and how many subscribers does he have?

Adam Hamdani
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Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

It’s almost time! KSI and Logan Paul will meet in the ring this Saturday for their rematch.

It will be the first time the controversial pair step into the squared boxing circle as professionals.

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Previously, they fought to a controversial majority draw, meaning that KSI retained his “YouTube Championship Belt”.

After more than 18,000 watched in attendance, interest in the winner of a rematch reached fever pitch.

But who actually is Logan Paul and how much does he earn?

Who is Logan Paul?

He is a YouTuber and internet personality who has also dabbled in film, TV and music. Obviously. He is now a licensed professional boxer.

The casual audience might only recognise him through his controversies, most notably when he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel which showed the body of a dead person at Aokigahara, a place knows as Japan’s “suicide forest”.

Paul is 24-years-old and the older brother of Jake Paul.

How many YouTube subscribers does he have?

19.5million, so he is slightly behind KSI in that sense but is closing in on the big 20. A huge number nevertheless.

What is his net worth?

It’s believed that his net worth is around the $19m mark- and much of that has been made through sales of merchandise through his Maverick brand.

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What is KSI’s net worth?

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