How Long Applesauce Is Good For Once It's Opened

Bowl of applesauce
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Applesauce is a tasty and nutritious snack, perfect for kids and adults alike. In the event it's a staple food in your household, you might be curious to know how long a jar will last once it's opened. While the precise shelf-life can vary according to all sorts of factors, most applesauce will remain safe for consumption up to 10 days after the container has been opened. However, the open container must be stored in the refrigerator.

The lifespan of unopened applesauce is typically much longer. Additonally, most brands don't require refrigeration until they've been cracked open. If you have a sealed jar and it's kept in the right conditions, meaning a cool, dry place protected from high temperatures and moisture, it could possibly last two years or more. Always check the best-by or use-by dates on the jar for guidance, as shelf life may vary depending on the brand of store-bought applesauce you have at home. As for opened containers, the proper storage measures are key to getting the most out of this wholesome treat.

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How To Store Applesauce After Opening

Opened jar of applesauce
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Cold storage is key for opened applesauce containers, even though it's not usually necessary before the container has been opened. If you have a jar of applesauce with a tightly sealing lid, you can simply place it into the refrigerator and enjoy as you see fit. If the lid doesn't create a tight seal or you're dealing with a pouch or cup, you want to take the remaining applesauce and place it into the proper airtight container before transferring it to the refrigerator. A sealed container is crucial to preventing air from getting inside, which can increase the chance of mold or bacterial issues.

You can also freeze applesauce, which will expand its shelf life to approximately eight months to a year. Once again, the choice of container is crucial to prevent air exposure and to keep applesauce safe for consumption. Because applesauce may expand a bit once frozen, try to leave a little room in the container you choose to ensure the lid remains tightly sealed. Also, it's a good idea to jot down the date on the container to ensure the applesauce doesn't go too long in the freezer, which can result in the food succumbing to freezer burn.

Signs That Applesauce Has Gone Bad

Bowl of applesauce with spoon
Bowl of applesauce with spoon - Manuwe/Getty Images

Consuming spoiled applesauce can result in a particularly unpleasant bout of food poisoning, but it's usually easy to tell when it's time to toss a jar. In many instances, bad applesauce will provide some hard-to-miss visual cues. Visible mold growth indicates that the food is no longer good and must be thrown out. The texture of mold is often fuzzy, while colors can range from black to white to green in some cases. Even if the food isn't harboring mold, any discoloration signals that something's amiss with your sauce.

As for the smell, bad odors are often a sign of bacterial growth. Applesauce should only ever smell sweet, so an off-putting smell usually means that the food is no longer safe for consumption. You may even be able to tell that applesauce has gone bad without opening the jar. Rust on the lid is a major issue, as is damage to the jar itself. Leaks also spell bad news for applesauce, and it's usually best to discard jars that are oozing or appear visibly damaged.

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