'Love Is Blind' contestant Jeramey Lutinski reacts to the controversial Jet Ski scene: 'I'm even watching this back like 'WTF?''

'Love Is Blind' contestant Jeramey Lutinski reacts to the controversial Jet Ski scene: 'I'm even watching this back like 'WTF?''
  • Jeramey Lutinski reacted to the controversial jet ski scene in "Love is Blind" season six.

  • The contestant went back to Sarah Ann Bick, after splitting from Laura Dadisman.

  • On Instagram, Lutinski said he doesn't condone his actions in the series.

Jeramey Lutinski said he doesn't "condone" his actions in an infamous "Love is Blind" scene where he went on a Jet Ski ride with Sarah Ann Bick after a messy split from his fiancé, Laura Dadisman.

Lutinski faced a backlash after the latest episodes of "Love is Blind" season six, which arrived on Netflix on February 28. Dadisman called things off with Lutinski because he lied about his feelings for Bick.

After that, Lutinski went straight back to Bick to discuss how they could move on. During their chat, Lutinski admitted that he should've chosen Bick in the first place. And after their talk, the pair jumped on Jet Skis together.

"Love is Blind" fans were quick to criticize Lutinski about the way he treated both women, and he acknowledged that his actions weren't acceptable when the Jet Ski clip was posted on the "Love Is Blind" Instagram account.

Lutinski wrote: "I don't condone how I acted during this. I'm even watching this back like 'WTF?'"

In episode 11, Dadisman and Lutinski sat down to discuss whether they could save their relationship, but the conversation turned hostile as Dadisman officially ended their engagement because Lutinski admitted that he'd continued speaking to Bick.

"You are not a man. You're not man enough for me. You never fucking have been. End of story. Do whatever the fuck you want with whoever the fuck you want," Dadisman said. "I wish you the best. Go kick rocks with open-toed fucking shoes."

In the Instagram comments, Lutinski noted that he completely understood what Dadisman said to him, saying: "She definitely put me in my place. Rightfully so."

Bick also commented on the post, simply writing: "*grabs jet ski*.

Although she hasn't publicly discussed Lutinski's split from Dadisman, Bick posted a TikTok video at the end of February addressing the hate she's received online about her connection with Lutinski.

"I appreciate all the comments, the good, the bad, the ugly, whatever. At some point, there will be a lot of clarification. Everyone will get to tell their side of the story, and we'll all be able to talk about it," she said.

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