Love Island fans are siding with Abi over Mary and Dale love triangle

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Photo credit: Love Island - ITV
Photo credit: Love Island - ITV

Abi Rawlings has had a rocky start to her Love Island journey so far.

Despite being one of the sweetest girls in the villa, Abi's road to love has been filled with some major drama. AKA being stuck in the middle of another one of bad boy Toby Aromolaran's love triangles. Like seriously, when is that boy going to make up his mind? It's no wonder his sister seriously shaded him on Tik Tok.

From day one Abi started out with all that drama fighting for Toby while he was still with Chloe Burrows, only to be left standing alone at the Casa Amor recoupling when Tobs brought in bombshell Mary Bedford, for then both girls to be dumped by Toby for him to shack up with Chloe yet again, honestly when is that boy going to learn his lesson?

Finally, with all the drama with Toby finally over, Abi finally had set her sights on new Islander Dale, (who else was rooting for the pair to get together from the begining?), to be cut off yet again by Mary who claims she had a "deeper connection" with Dale. Like can Abi please get some peace?

Love Island fans have been going off on Twitter, showing their support for Abs after she chose Dale in the recoupling last night (August 3rd), saying she was completely blindsided by how deep Mary and Dale's connection was, and we're not going to lie, they're not wrong. Like, who else saw that coming?

"Abi, you’re not the only one who wasn’t aware Mary & Dale had such a close bond, I haven’t seen any evidence of this at all?", one viewer wrote on Twitter. "I feel so sorry for Abi, she didn’t seem to know anything was going on between Mary & Dale," added another.

It seems that the Twitterverse is in agreement about this as viewers sympathetically stood by the 27-year-old from Bournemouth:

While, some viewers had theories about why Abi didn't know about the couple's deep connection, from the divide with the other girls in the villa, to producers wanting to create more drama:

Suffice to say, even with how sweetly Abi let it slide that Mary and Dale wanted to be together in tonight's episode, crying to Mary saying she "didn't know" about their connection, fans still think it is not on how Dale's head suddenly turned to Mary.

While Abi and Dale currently remain safe in tonight's epic double dumping, we're rooting for her to make a new love connection in the villa. #TeamAbi all the way.

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