Luka Modric Denies Reports That His Cousin Was Kidnapped And Killed In El Salvador

Scott Saunders

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has revealed that a person who was kidnapped and killed in El Salvador this week is of no relation to him.

Sport  reported on Thursday that Modric's cousin had been found dead in the boot of a car after being kidnapped. It was claimed that  40-year-old Susana Modric was the victim of the crime and that Modric's family had been informed, but the midfielder has confirmed on Twitter that he didn't know the victim.

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He tweeted:  “In regards to the news stories, I want to clarify that the person who died in El Salvador does not have any family relationship with me.”

The original report can be seen below and was carried by a number of other media outlets too, though it is not known how the story originated from Sport, or how it was connected to Modric in the first place. 

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