Lynch: After Brooks Koepka declined interviews, I suggested one via text. He accepted, and explained why he’s not talking

PINEHURST, N.C. — At one stage during the first round of the U.S. Open, Brooks Koepka found himself in a familiar spot: at the top of the leaderboard. But three late bogeys left him with an even-par 70. Afterward, he declined requests for media interviews. He says it wasn’t because he was irritated by the round getting away from him — he’s just bored by routine questions. I suggested an interview via text. He accepted and was everything you’d expect — forthright, combative and unfiltered.

Eamon Lynch text: You opted not to do media interviews after the first round. Why?

Brooks Koepka text: I opted not to do ‘em just because I didn’t feel like it. Same questions every week. The lack of creativity with questions is kinda boring. I know I’m not a media favorite either so it’s not like anyone will notice. LOL.

How creative should questions be when asking someone about a round of golf? Is this just your bulletin board material for the week so you can fire yourself up?

No, definitely not. It’s a major. I have enough self-motivation. I could think of way more creative questions than ‘Do you think the course is borderline? What happened on those bogeys? What went well?’ Then some LIV versus PGA Tour questions.

How creative are the post-round questions on LIV?

Really haven’t done much media, to be fair. PGA [Championship] was the last time I had media. It’s not a punishment thing. I always answer and didn’t really feel like it this week. Just to be clear.

Then what’s the first creative question you would have asked yourself after today’s round?

Do you think Bermuda has made this course easier or tougher? [Note: greens on No. 2 changed from bent-grass to Bermuda-grass for this Open.]

That’s not very creative. But anyway, were you pissed at the round getting away from you or happy with the even-par score?

Wasn’t trying to be creative. If you want me to get creative I can. Not my job, but if I get 10 I can think of something since the media has all day.

I was fine with it. Obviously could have been better but even par in a U.S. Open will not hurt you.

Any particular part of your game feel strong today? Or for that matter weak.

Felt in control of iron play. Brain fart on 13 and 15. Just didn’t do much wrong. Missed it where I wanted. Sixteen was my bad drive of day and didn’t get lucky in the native area, which is what you get when you hit it in there. Just part of Pinehurst and what makes it good.

It’s more I just don’t care about doing it. Everyone else turns interviews down. I never do. Would rather come back, rest up and spend time chilling. Not angry at all. Hope that’s clear. I declined my press conference too this week.

We’re back on that? It’s clear. So what are you doing post-round other than answering texts?

Hanging with Crew. He just went down for a nap. Jena is working out and I’m doing my routine. Have a dip and get ready for the hockey game.

Any issues with the course set-up today or do you foresee any problems with the heat coming?

I thought it was good today. I don’t see any problems if greens stay same speed. They will get firmer. It’s a U.S. Open. Just means you gotta hit fairways.

So if we hear anyone say the course was borderline then they’re just whining?

No, I don’t think they’re whining. The U.S. Open always comes close to the line. It’s just a matter of does it get crossed. It’s playable if you’re in fairways. Just can’t get much faster greens if it’s gonna be firmer. Gotta kind of pick one. Not sure which one they will pick. I’m assuming firmness. Greens can’t get much faster because it limits pin locations.

Brooks Koepka putts on the first green during the first round of the U.S. Open golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Katie Goodale-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have a score in mind you’d like to be at Sunday evening?

Yes, the best one. Tough to tell. Depends if wind picks up or it’s firmer. I’d say 4-under wins.

If you have the best score, will you be doing an interview?

Probably not. LOL. Who knows?

That might make the media root against you.

They already do.

Cry me a river.

I’m not asking for a pity party.

Sounds a little like it.

That’s a stretch. Rory didn’t talk to media at LACC [in the 2023 U.S. Open] and everyone was talking how it’s because he wants to focus. The second I do it, I’m mad at media, which isn’t true. I just didn’t want to do it. But my narrative will be I’m mad at media.

Maybe you need to smile more.

I’m working. When I’m finished I’ll smile.

Any LIV-PGA Tour questions you’d like me to ask before you go for a nap?

Not gonna nap, I’m not Crew. You’re the interviewer.

Do you think a PIF deal happens with the Tour?

I think it will but there is too much to figure out so it won’t happen for a while. Deal might be signed quick but it’s gonna take a while to iron out details. Just my opinion, I don’t know anything. You might know more than me.

By the way, Rory didn’t do a press conference at LACC or an interview after round one but he did do so the last three days. Will we hear from you tomorrow? Assuming you’re not in the air home.

If I feel like it, yeah. When you have five majors you can skip another day if ya want. LOL.

If you skip, we can do this again. I’m sure America needs to hear from you.

Nobody really cares what I have to say.

Pity party much?

No, I’m being honest. Most golf fans don’t live or die on my statements. I’m not Tiger Woods or Scottie Scheffler. And Rory. Everyone else is kind of an afterthought. I’m just not oblivious. Because that’s who I would wanna hear from. I wouldn’t be one I’d want to hear from. I’m good at removing myself from the situation and understanding as a fan.

We can test that theory tomorrow. Creatively, of course.

Your not creative.


Thanks, Dad.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek