M&S Launches A Brand New Colin The Caterpillar For Easter!

Easter is well and truly on the way, and we're sure you've been out stocking up on Easter eggs, treats and searching for the best Easter recipes to celebrate the big weekend.

When it comes to chocolatey treats, we all know that M&S is up there making some of the best, so we were delighted to find out this week that one of M&S' most iconic chocolate products is getting an Easter makeover, brand new for 2023.

The fan favourite Colin The Caterpillar is getting a new Easter-themed bestie!

The Easter Chick will be joining an Easter-fied Colin in a brand new two-pack of the choccy rolls this month.

m and s easter colin the caterpillar

The half-size Colin will be made from the usual chocolate sponge roll, filled with Colin’s signature chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and topped with a cracked egg decoration, while the brand new Easter Chick will feature a chocolate chick face and yellow speckles.

The pair are available for £10 and are in M&S stores right this second!

That's not all.

Love the chocolate face of a Colin (it feels weird to say yes but we all know it's the best bit)? Well the GIANT versions are back, and there's a Percy The Pig one now too. They're £6 and in store now.

m and s giant colin and caterpillar face

If you're planning an Easter egg hunt (for littlies or grown ups, we won't judge) then you'll love the Colin The Caterpillar and Percy Pig Egg Hunt Buckets. Filled with hollow milk chocolate eggs and a bag of sweetie treats, they're just what you need to celebrate the long weekend.