Madden 23 cover features late NFL legend for first time since 2000

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The Madden 23 cover will feature the late NFL legend that gave his name to the video game following his death last year.

John Madden passed away in December at the age of 85.

He enjoyed a Hall of Fame NFL coaching career with the Oakland Raiders and later became a legend in the realm of broadcasting.

However, for many, he is most synonymous with the Madden video game, to which he lent his name and voice from 1988 onwards. He also had significant input in the creative process.

Madden last featured on the cover in 2000.

For his return to the cover, EA Sports have used the same image that adorned the original 'John Madden Football' game, with a beaming Madden grasping a football in his right hand.

Also adorning the cover is a message that simply reads "thanks, coach", in a touching tribute to a man who left an indelible mark on the sport he loved.

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